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Hello! welcome to my Jadzia and Worf FanFic page. This in the genre of fanfic that I have had the most work on. The work on this page has been completed between 1996ish to the present... I hope you enjoy reading my stories and poetry as they have progressed over the years.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer applies to all of the works on this page. Paramount owns Star Trek. All of these stories are for entertainment purposes only.

If you wish to reproduce any of my work on your own website, please email me first. You are more than welcome to do so if you clearly state my name as the author and provide either a link to my website or my email. Thanks!!!


NEW!!! "Only in My Dreams" The story of how Jadzia and Worf became lovers. Hope ya'll enjoy it! ( BTW - it comes in 4 parts )
| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

"Tears of the Prophets" - what really happened but Paramount doesn't want anyone to know: A story that rewrites the ending of Jadzia's appearances on DS9

guess what ya'll??? I've won an award for this story. If you would like to view the award click here.

Take me Back into the Arms I Love: A story which tells of Worf's reaction to Jadzia's death

Everything's Gonna be Alright A story of the way Worf lives his life after Jadzia's death. Based on the song "Everything's Gonna be Alright" by Sweetbox

In Retrospect: A story of Ezri dax recounting Jadzia's final days.


Tale of Two Lovers: An Epic Poem about Jadzia and Worf Guess what? I sent a copy of this poem to Terry Farrell and she loved it. I hope ya'll do too!

No More: A poem about Worf's feelings after Jadzia's death

Hey ya'll! I'd love to hear feedback about my stories! Email me here!

Mel Domingo


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