Tale Of Two Lovers

Two lonely souls did once meet
Both needing love more than before
For one of them it was just a treat
The other it healed a heart, oh so sore

Jadzia saw him as just another man
Never realizing he was the special one
She just wanted to fool around
She just wanted to have some fun

For Worf, this helped him live
Live a new, resurrected life
What was once so very wrong
Could never be so ever right

The love between them grew relentlessly
Neither knew what the future held
But nothing could separate
The connection their two souls did meld

Together they went through so many things
Family lost, a legendary quest
Risa, war separation
All put their relationship to the test

But through all this never once did they waver
For they loved each other so deeply
Never did they realize
That their love would last for an eternity

War with the dominion came to a forefront
The two would be on different ships
They did not know the next time
That they would reunite their lips

Dax couldn't wait until then
To Worf she did propose
They agreed to marry each other
As soon as the war came to a close

Months later, they retook DS9
Dax and Worf did rejoice
They decided to marry right away
Alexander helped them make that choice

Jadzia was put to the test
By the lady of the house of Martok
They argued every time they met
Every time it was Sirella, Dax did mock

At Dax's party the two had a fight
Sirella threatened to cancel the event
Dax let her pride get in the way
Out the airlock the wedding was sent

Worf confronted Dax the next day
Jadzia didn't seem to care
Worf decided to call it all off
What really happened, Jadzia was not aware

Sisko and Martok set all things right
The pair were finally wed
They wore blood-red clothing
And golden crowns upon their heads

They continued to live their lives together
Never thinking anything could go wrong
Few months later, Kira called them for a mission
Till their first obstacle, it was not long

To a jungle on a planet they went
They sought intelligence from a cardie spy
But in the night, Jem'Hadar appeared
Dax was shot, all he could do was ask why

They had to continue on foot
Though Dax was heavily bleeding
All Worf could do was blame himself
And try to give Dax the aid she was needing

Soon after, Jadzia could not go on
And Worf had to leave her behind
They kissed and said their last good-byes
Worf left but was still with her in spirit and mind

Worf could not go far
Because of his beating heart
He had to go back to his beloved wife
It was not yet time for them to part

Back on the station, Sisko dressed him down
Scolding Worf for his action
But Benjamin would've done the same thing
He would've made the same decision

Next to Dax's side Worf did stay
While she was recovering
He explained she was number one
That she was the most important thing

Months passed by and the couple lived on
The idea of a baby soon arrived
Worf wanted to prove his worthiness to Dax
Taking care of Kirayoshi, Worf barely survived

Dax knew he'd be a wonderful parent
She explained there was nothing to fear
One day, they decided to start trying
Not knowing that Jadzia's end was near

Everyone heard about their plans
They gave their undying love and support
Kira said prayers to the prophets for the two
The genetic resequencers worked, Bashir did report

Worf went to fight the dominion
Jadzia stayed behind
She went to the Bajoran temple
Help of the prophets, she was seeking to find

Then a possessed Gul Dukat appeared
A pah'raith rendered Jadzia dead
When news got to the defiant
Back to DS9 its crew did head

Worf ran to the infirmary
To be by Jadzia's side
He comforted her in her last moments
Before Jadzia Dax died

Jadzia was so sorry
saying thier, "baby would've been so beautiful"
She let out her final breath
And went into rest eternal

Worf let out a Klingon's cry
To alert the dead of a new one
He began to say prayers for his beloved
In wait of the day when they would again be one

The love they share is so divine
The partnership they hold is so rare
The love they have could never end
Because of the connection that they share

The life they had together was short
And even death couldn't bring them apart
They exist together eternally
'Cause they are forever in each other's hearts.

May Jadzia Dax rest in peace...


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