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Pictures of Terry as Herself

Terry In TV Guide in a grey dress:
Terry in a 60's outfit:
Terry in grey dress sitting:
Terry in blue suite:
Terry in Star Trek's 30th Anniversary blowing a kiss:
Terry at the Star Trek 30th Anniversary Gala:
Terry laughing:
Terry at a shooting range:
Terry sitting:
A casual Terry:
Headshot of Terry:
Terry in red dress at Blockbuster Awards:
A close up of Terry's spots being applied:
Westmore applying Terry's spots:
Dorn kissing Terry:
Terry in Dorn's arms:
Dorn kissing Terry at the "Star Trek: the Expirience" opening Gala:
Michael's arms around Terry at "Star Trek: the Expirience" Gala:

Terry Farrell as Lt. Comdr. Jadzia Dax

Dax on the cover of TV guide:
Dax posing for TV Guide:
Dax with Seven of Nine in TV Guide:
Dax in Quark's Bar:
Dax talking with Bashir:
Dax talking with Bashir again:
Dax sitting on the staircase in Quark's:
Dax in purple nightgown " Let he who is without sin...":
Dax in purple dress "Fascination":
Dax in swimsuite "Let he who is without sin...":
Dax sitting:
Dax standing with her hands behind her back:
Dax in 2nd season:
Dax on her deathbed:

Terry in her other projects

Terry in "Paper Dolls":
Terry in "Red Dwarf's" pilot episode:
Terry as Laurie Caswell in "The new Twilight Zone" episode "After Hours":
Terry in "After Hours" again:
Terry in "After Hours" again:
Terry in "Quantum Leap's" episode "Leap for Lisa":
Terry As Joey Summerskill in "Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth:
Joey walking down a corridor ( Hellraiser ):
Joey looking perplexed ( Hellraiser ):
Joey in the dark ( Hellraiser ):
Joey on the phone ( Hellraiser ):
Joey looking sad ( Hellraiser ):
Joey after a shower ( Hellraiser ):
Joey outside ( Hellraiser ):
Joey with her father ( Hellraiser ):
Joey on the ground scared ( Hellraiser ):
Joey sitting in a big chair ( Hellraiser ):
Joey sitting on the ground ( Hellraiser ):
Terry in "Reasons of the Heart":
Terry in "Reasons of the Heart" again:
Terry hosting an A&E improv show:
Terry hosting an A&E improv show ( again ):
Terry hosting an A&E improv show ( again ):