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Take me Back into the Arms I Love

By: Mel Domingo

Formalities first: All of the star trek universe belongs to Paramount. I just love to write about it. This is purely for entertainment


This story takes place right after Jadzia's death....May she rest in peace.

--- "Our baby would've been so beautiful..." At that Jadzia let out her final breath and surrendered herself to eternal darkness, leaving her beloved husband and friends behind. ---

Worf awoke from his nightmare, nearly throwing himself out of bed. He had been dreaming about Jadzia again. He leaned back and rolled over to the other side of the bed, which was still undisturbed. Worf let out a sigh. It has only been two days since the death of his wife. Still, he can feel her long slender body cuddled by his side during the night. Worf kept trying to tell himself that it would pass, that in time, Jadzia would be just another memory. But, he knew that it wouldn't true. Worf loved, no - *loves*, Jadzia with all of his heart and soul. He just could not let go of her that easily. But, soon, he would have to for today was Jadzia's memorial service.

Benjamin had offered the day off to Worf because he completely understood. It has been almost a decade since his own wife had passed away, also a casualty of war. But, Worf just wanted to keep himself busy. He didn't want to think about the memorial service. But, as hard as Worf worked, he couldn't keep Jadzia from slipping into his mind. He realized that after today, she would be gone - forever.

Sisko glanced over to Worf at his work station and saw the tension in Worf's body from across OPS. " Mister Worf, I am relieving you of duty for the next few days."

" But Captain..."

" Worf, I understand, I understand that you must keep working, I understand that you don't want to think about her, but you must face it sooner or later. As much as you want to, you can't bring her back..." Those words rang in Worf's ears," What I want you to do is spend some time with her before the memorial service." Worf started to object but Sisko stopped him," Commander, don't make me make that an order."

"Aye sir," Worf slowly found his way to the turbolift and made his way to cargo bay 3 where Jadzia's coffin was sitting - all alone. "Jadzia," Worf ran up to the coffin, " Why are you here all alone?" Worf became frustrated with himself, " I should not have left you alone like this. I should have never let you out of my sight. If I have done that, you may be still alive today.... Oh, my beautiful wife, you do not deserve this. You should be with me. We still have so many things to do together. We still have to raise a family."

Worf took a long breath and started to open the coffin. He needed to take a last look at his par'machi. He propped the top of the coffin up and looked inside. Jadzia's full upper torso was exposed. She had been dressed in her dress uniform, " Her favorite one", Worf thought, when he saw the small stain on the right shoulder. "Some things never change, right Jadzia?" Worf took a long gaze at his wife, letting it all soak in. She was still beautiful, even in death. " You look so beautiful," Worf said to Jadzia not knowing if she was going to hear him or not. He reached out for her face, he just needed to touch her, to feel her soft skin against his own flesh. Her cheek was very cool to the touch which made reality sink in deeper for Worf - She *is* gone.

" Jadzia, I regret that we never really had a chance to talk before this happened. I just want to let you know that I am sorry for everything. I am sorry for making you angry, I am sorry for making you cry. I should not have waited to ask you out. I should never have waited to marry you. I should never have waited to have a baby. Maybe then, all of your dreams would have come true. I want you to know that you are and always will be my soul mate. Jadzia, I know you can hear me. I do not wish this to be the last time I say this to you..." Worf swallowed down the tears that were forming in his eyes, maybe a little bit of Jadzia *did* rub off on him, "I love you."

Two hours later, the memorial service began. Worf just stood there, right next to Jadzia's coffin, listening to everyone's memories of his beloved. He was still trying to sort it all out, still figuring out how he could go on without her.

Kira, Sisko, Bashir, even Quark gave such memorable speeches about their good friend and co-officer. Worf wanted to spend hours speaking about Jadzia, but he couldn't find the words. All he could manage to say was, " She was a wonderful wife, a commendable officer, and a good friend. I love her and I will miss her," before he actually choked up and couldn't talk any longer. No one had any idea how Worf wanted to say that Jadzia was his soul mate, the one he could depend on, the one who put his life back together after it had fallen into shambles. Nothing else came out. Nothing else was expressed by the Klingon warrior.

Only a few minutes after Worf had spoken, Sisko ended the memorial service with a toast to Jadzia Dax, " To Jadzia Dax, a friend, fellow officer, and beloved wife. She *will* be missed. " Everyone raised their glasses for Jadzia Dax, all except Worf who was looking at the coffin, in a daze. Nothing in his life seemed clear anymore. Ever since her death, clarity has been far from him. His life had been so perfect, and, in an instant, all was taken away from him, everything in his life that really mattered.

Worf looked up and saw the crowd of people starting to pay their last respects to Jadzia. As they passed, they each gave their condolences to Worf with Worf barely able to accept them. He was still in such an emotional state of shock, nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Finally the crowds of people subsided and Sisko, the last one to say good-bye to Jadzia, took the Federation flag off of her coffin and handed it to Worf saying, " I will miss her too."

" Captain, I request that I may take a runabout to escort Jadzia's body to Bajor."

" Of course, Mister Worf. Anything for Jadzia." Sisko starts to walk away, "Worf, I know how you are feeling. When I lost Jennifer, I thought I had lost everything that was worth anything in my life. Believe me Worf, Jadzia will be fine. She's watching over you right now. And I know for sure that she still loves you."

" Thank you sir."

Sisko walked away leaving Worf and Jadzia alone.

Worf spent the next two days in deep meditation. He needed to find the clarity in his life that he had lost only days ago. Soon, he would have to escort his wife's body down to the planet and he needed to know how he could live on without her.

In their quarters, Worf can be found kneeling in front of his Klingon shrine. The air is filled with the smoke and scent of Klingon incense. Worf had shut down all forms of communication so that he wouldn't be bothered. Five hours into his meditation, Worf had a vision.

It was him and Jadzia, they were happily together. They had a beautiful house on Bajor, the surrounding area covered with a rainbow of different flowers, all of which the couple had planted together. Worf turned to face Jadzia, in her arms was a little wriggling body, wrapped in swaddles. Worf started to take a closer look, the child could only have been a few weeks old. Her spots were just indistinct little dots. Her klingon ridges had just started to harden.

Jadzia turned to him, "She's beautiful isn't she?"

"Yes, yes she is."

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and Worf was surrounded by a white cloud of smoke. Next thing Worf knew, he was back kneeling in front of his shrine. The beautiful vision of his wife and child were gone. Just like that, all he had ever wanted was taken away from him, again. At this moment, Worf knew what he had to do.

The day had come for Worf to bring his wife's body down to Bajor. Worf oversaw the transport of the casket into the runabout and then made his way to Sisko's office.

"Enter," Worf walked into Sisko's office holding a padd.

"Mister Worf, I thought you would be on your way to Bajor by now."

"I will leave as soon I take care of this order of business," Worf hands the padd he had been holding to Sisko.

"Mister Worf, am I reading this correctly?"

"Yes sir, I wish to resign my commission."

"May I ask your reasons why?"

" If I may captain, I wish to keep them to myself. All I will say is that, this is not my place anymore. I belong somewhere else."

" Commander, you do realize that as soon as I approve of this, you will not be able to take the runabout to Bajor by yourself."

" I realize that Captain. That is the reason I came to see you before I went to Bajor. My last request is that you escort Jadzia and myself down to Bajor."

" Well, I suppose I could. But departure will have to be delayed a couple of hours."

" That would be fine sir." And with that all said and done, Worf stepped out of Sisko's office for the last time.

Hours later Sisko and Worf accompany Jadzia's body down to Bajor. The pair and the casket are beamed to Jadzia's grave site. After a long moment of silence, they lower Jadzia into the hole in the ground and start covering the gave. When all was done Sisko decided to leave Worf and Jadzia alone for a while.

" I'll leave you two alone for a while. I'll be back in a few minutes."

" Thank you sir."

As soon as Sisko was out of sight, Worf pulled out a phaser which had been cleverly hid under his civilian clothing. He looked at it closely, still wondering if this was the right thing to do, every Klingon warrior knew that suicide was a most dishonorable act. "I have to do this," Worf said to himself," I must be with her."

Worf set the phaser to lethal and kneeled over Jadzia's grave site.

"Jadzia, I will be with you soon." Worf shot the phaser into his chest and his body collapsed down onto Jadzia's grave site.

Few minutes later, Sisko returns to the grave site to discover Worf's dead body. Sisko then realized why Worf had resigned his commission and gave up everything in his life.

" Mister Worf, you did not have to do this."

At that moment, Sisko made the decision to start digging a grave for Worf. He had thought it fitting that he be laid to rest next to his beloved wife.

Little did Sisko know that up in the heavens, Worf and Jadzia were together, reunited through their love. They now exist together eternally. Their hearts beating as one. Their love for each other had conquered all boundaries, even death.

----The End