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Chat Transcript

No Date but from the contents, the date's something like October 1996

Moderator (Speaker) 
From the world of fashion to the lights of Hollywood, Terry Farrell has made a 
name for herself.  Entering her fifth season as 'Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax,' 
the Starfleet Science Officer on Paramount television's "Star Trek: Deep Space 
Nine," Farrell has proven herself an integral part of the series' longevity. 
Please give a warm welcome now to TERRY FARRELL... 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Thank you for sharing cyberspace with me.  I hope you enjoy Reasons of the Heart, 
and continue to enjoy this season of DS9.  Onward and upward. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Thanks for joining us tonight, Terry!  We've got some great questions for you 
tonight, so let's get started.  Our first question comes from Cmdr Surak... 

Cmdr Surak (PRODIGY Member) 
Hi Terry, Do you know how to speak Klingon? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
[lol] Only if it's spelled phonetically. 

Ferret (PRODIGY Member) 
Terry is there going to be any change in the DS9 uniforms later this season, to 
go along with the new uniforms for the movie Star Trek: First Contact? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Yes!  Although I am scared to know how they will feel because they were pretty 
tight on Gates and Marina, and the first time we wear them will be episode nine. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Gee, I'd give anything to help out in the fitting room. [g] 

Techsergeant (PRODIGY Member) 
How long does it usually take to make one DS9 episode? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
The average episode takes seven to eight days of shooting and approximately two 
months of post production. 

Bossy Wench (PRODIGY Member) 
Do you study Martial arts in real life?  I know Dax is supposed to be a pro at 
Klingon Martial arts. 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
[lol] No. 

NancieE (PRODIGY Member) 
Do you have plans to do more movies via the big screen or on television in near 
future?  Does the show give you the time to do other roles outside the show? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
No, the show has not given me extra time, but yes, I do plan to work as much as 
humanly possible.  I hope everybody will support me in that effort! 

Moderator (Speaker) 
If any of you have comments or opinions (rather than questions) about Terry, DS9, 
or Star Trek in general, we'd be happy to share them with the rest of this 
auditorium audience. Please send them in and we'll put them up! 

Warrior101 (PRODIGY Member) 
What was the modeling job like?  Do you enjoy it more or less than acting? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
I don't miss modeling, but I enjoyed it when I did it.  For me there are more 
challenges in acting.  Although there are similarities, it's really apples and 

Moderator (Speaker) 
After winning Miss Photogenic in the Miss Teenage Iowa Pageant at age 16, Terry 
had a local farm-equipment photographer help her put a modeling portfolio 
together.  A few months later she was in New York, under contract with Elite. 
Terry graced the covers of such magazines as Mademoiselle and Vogue before being 
cast on the ABC series "Paper Dolls" (with Morgan Fairchild and Lloyd Bridges). 
In this show about the lives of supermodels, Farrell played 'Laurie Caswell,' a 
naive, up-and-coming model opposite the more snooty and sophisticated models. 

Bossy Wench (PRODIGY Member) 
Do you think there is a Worf/Dax romance in the future?  I think the two of you 
would be very cute together. 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Thank you.  Yes there is, and I am the aggressor, I hope you find it interesting. 
I certainly had fun flipping him and taking advantage of him.  I look forward to 
Troy coming to defend her honor on DS9.  P.S. I don't know if he's a good kisser 
because they always cut before then. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
What's this??  We have a "Jadzia Daxx" in the auditorium?  An impostor!  Speak 
your question... 

Jadzia Daxx (PRODIGY Member) 
Who is your favorite author? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Stephen King. 

Jadzia Daxx (PRODIGY Member) 
Are you interested in directing or writing?  If so, are you going to try your 
hand at it on DSN? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
I think producing would be a better idea for me.  Although I think directing 
would be an exciting challenge, I think I would have to be a more mature person. 
Not to say that I am not mature, just that I think it takes a certain amount of 
experience with humanity to have a broad range of understanding to tell good 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Have you checked out the pic of Terry on our Prodigy Spotlight web page?  To 
check it out, hit "Close Window" in the lower right.  Then Jump: SPOTLIGHT. 
Click on the photo of Terry to see a photo and bio of tonight's guest, plus 
upcoming guests. (P.S.--You can re-enter this auditorium from the Web page!) 

samsim (PRODIGY Member) 
How did you get the part of Jadzia Dax? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
I begged. 

KrAyZiE1999 (PRODIGY Member) 
Is the cast friendly???? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
No, we have daily battles.  Just kidding!  Yes, we are all very fortunate.  We 
get along very well and everyone is very nice. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Tonight we're honored to have amongst us members of the Terry Farrell Internet 
Fan Club.  Greetings, TFIFC! 

Hi Terry!  I'm here as the official representative for the Terry Farrell Internet 
Fan Club.  Our leader, Jeff Koga, and the entire club extend a great greeting! 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Thank you very much. 

samsim (PRODIGY Member) 
Give us the personal info... married?  children? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Not married, no children.  I am basically alone.  My niece just said, "Wait, I'm 
your child!" I have two nieces and they are like my children. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Okay, so now we've determined a major piece of information... Terry is AVAILABLE! 

Jadzia Daxx (PRODIGY Member) 
How old are you, if I might ask? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
I'm thirty-two years old.  I'm not done yet, though! 

TC Calis (PRODIGY Member) 
Where would you like to see your character go as far as development in the future 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Wow. We only have six seasons in our contract, so we only have a year and a half 
left. But I do have a dream of becoming a captain someday and sitting next to 
Picard, Captain to Captain. I think it would be very cool. 

BackToMe (PRODIGY Member) 
Were you a fan of Star Trek before you took on this role, and do you watch the 
other stuff, like do you watch Voyager and will you see the new movie? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Yes, I was a fan when I was in elementary school we used to play Star Trek at 
recess.  I even got a tribble for Christmas once.  As for the shows, I watch DS9 
when I can and I definitely plan to see the movie.  I rarely have time to watch 
the classic anymore, or Voyager. 

TC Calis (PRODIGY Member) 
Miss Farrell I adore your character and wish you the best of luck in the future 
and want to thank you, as I had the chance to meet you at a recent convention and 
you took the time out to talk to my group. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
This next one isn't a question at all, but it's great! 

capton riker (PRODIGY Member) 
=/\=  -/\- 
i wrship you, alow me to bowe to you. 
all star trek cast are gods 
=/\=  -/\- 

Moderator (Speaker) 
We now hear from Always Mike... 

Always Mike (PRODIGY Member) 
Tell me, you look absolutely beautiful on Star Trek, do you look the same in 
"real" life?  

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Thank you!  I don't know, I guess it's all a matter of opinion.  I hope I look 
better in real life, though! 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Upcoming Chats: Actress KIM CATTRALL (Mon, 10pm ET); The Monkees' DAVY
(Tues, 9pm ET); Comedian CRAIG SHOEMAKER (Tues, 11pm ET); "Baywatch" babe
BLEETH (Wed, 9pm ET); Actress JASMINE GUY (Wed, 10pm ET); Legendary
film actress ANN-MARGRET (Thurs, 8pm ET); Filmmaker MELVIN VAN PEEBLES
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katyoung (PRODIGY Member) 
Hi Terry!  I just saw "Reasons.." I enjoyed it.  Your a very good actress.  I 
look forward to seeing you in other films in the future. 

Jadzia Daxx (PRODIGY Member) 
When is your next convention appearence and do you like doing conventions? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
I don't have another scheduled appearance, and yes, most of the fans are very 
gracious.  When they are very organized I have a very good time at them. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Here's Warrior101, Terry... 

Warrior101 (PRODIGY Member) 
What TV shows do you like to watch? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
When I have time, which is rare, I love 3rd Rock From the Sun, and I like ER, 
although I have only seen it a couple of times.  I miss thirtysomething so I 
would like to get into Relativity.  And my new favorite, introduced to me by my 
niece, Jennah, is Adventures in Wonderland on the Disney Channel. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Terry found herself addicted to acting after "Paper Dolls."  Having moved to Los 
Angeles, she continued her study at the Stella Adler Conservatory.  She was cast 
in many guest-starring roles in such shows as "The Twilight Zone," "Quantum 
Leap," "The Cosby Show," and "Family Ties." 

Moderator (Speaker) 
By the way, I want you all to know that I'm not trying to steal time from 
Terry... I'm just trying to buy some time so she can get her answers typed up! 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Thanks for understanding... 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Here's another question from the Terry Farrell Internet Fan Club... 

You made a statement to Bob Frost in the Jan. 1,1995 issue of WEST that it is 
good that you aren't dating actors anymore.  Why is this? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
I don't know that that is exactly what I said, but, I just haven't had very good 
luck with actors, period. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Hey Terry... maybe you should try a Prodigy member! 

Moderator (Speaker) 
Here's one from KrAyZiE1999.  Hey, didn't we see you a few minutes ago? 

KrAyZiE1999 (PRODIGY Member) 
Do you plan on making any more movies??? (Star Trek and others) 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Reasons of the Heart repeats on Saturday October 12th, 3pm ET and PST on USA 
Cable.  That was the movie I did this summer with my first love scene, yikes!  I 
hope you enjoy it. 

Moderator (Speaker) 
In "Reasons of the Heart" on the USA Network, Terry stars as an emotionally 
closed-off young woman on a quest to find her birth parents.  Tune in on 
Saturday, October 12th, 3pm ET and PST. 

CNS Aroree (PRODIGY Member) 
What is it like being a "300 year old person with a short, fat worm inside" of 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
It gets kind of claustrophobic. 

Koganuts (PRODIGY Member) 
Nice to finally meet you Terry.  I've enjoyed your acting ever since "Paper 
Dolls".  On that subject, do you think that show could survive again if attempted 
now, with an updated topic spectrum, and would you like to be involved with 
something like that again? 

Terry Farrell (Speaker) 
Aaron Spelling tried it with Models Inc., and I wish the network would have given 
Paper Dolls more of a chance.  I don't know, it was a good idea.  Who knows.