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Terry Farrell & Jeri Ryan Chat

November 12, 1997

Mojorisen_98: Jeri, any movies currently planned for the Voyager crew?

Jeri Ryan:None that I know of, but everyone send gushing letters to Rick Berman's office
about getting the Voyager cast in a movie. We've gotta get something going to get Dax
and Seven together... that would be fun.

Terry Farrell: Like a whole new series...

Jeri Ryan: There you go. Spin-off!

TVGO: Like "Laverne & Shirley in Space."

Farrell:: Oh, my God. That would be so hysterical... would that be scary? Oh, my God...

Bravesman: Terry, will there be a seventh Deep Space Nine season? And if so, will you
stay on? Any chance of an eighth?

Farrell:: I don't know. What you read in TV Guide was the latest. No rumor about eight
on the lot... your guess is as good as mine. Fingers crossed.

Sopi102: Jeri, are you jealous of Dax for marrying Worf?

Ryan: No, I'm jealous of Dax for her figure.

Farrell: Oh, my God. If only I could have yours!

Ryan: Oh, please...

Farrell: We'll just cut off our heads and switch them!

Ryan: Perfect!

Farrell: That'd be great, wouldn't it?

Ryan: Deal! Let's do it!

Ryan: Only if I get your wardrobe to go with it though... I'll gladly pass you the corset.

Bravesman: Terry, Jeri, aren't you two a tad offended that Yahoo has labeled you as, and I
quote: "Star Trek's Cover Girls"

Farrell: Star Trek cover girls? Will it get me more covers? No, I'm not offended at all.

Ryan: No, we're not offended.

Farrell: They called me babe-a-licious. TV Guide called me babe-a-licious.

Ryan: Hey! That's pretty cool.

TVGO: And did they suggest that if you were a president, you'd be Baberham Lincoln?

Ryan: (Laughs) Excellent!

Farrell: Oooh... I LOVE IT!

Ryan: That one I've never heard before.

Farrell: Are you sure you just don't remember because you're blond?

Ryan: Oooh... (laughs)

TVGO: Meow!

Farrell: Actually, that's the only reason I can say that. There is no "Meow." We actually
did get along.

Ryan: Yeah, the day after the [TV Guide] shoot everyone was like: "So, did you guys get
along? What was she like?" And I was like "Sorry guys, she was really cool! We had fun."

Farrell: I know! Everyone was so bummed-out! "She was nice? You're kidding!"

Cmdrgeo1: Terry, how's the Russian coming?

TVGO:: Are you studying Russian?

Farrell: No, that's a reference to Dark Skies. I played a Russian agent, and I had to do
some frighteningly long parts of Russian speaking. And it has been retired quite willingly.

Scooter26_97: Terry, I think the chemistry between you and Michael Dorn is wonderful,
and I'm exited for Dax and Worf to be getting married. My question is, are there any plans
for children in the future?

Ryan: Whooo...

TVGO: Is this somebody's mom writing in?

Farrell: As long as they promise I'm not going to get stretch marks. Like Jeri, she doesn't
have anything, she looks fabulous...

Ryan: Oh, please...

Farrell: She does not look like she had a baby at all.

Ryan: Oh, come on...

Farrell: I saw her in her underwear...

Ryan: You should see me naked, babe... it ain't good.

Farrell: What'd she say?

Mwhite85: Jeri, Who is your favorite person to work with on Voyager?

Ryan: Oh boy, that's a question to put you on the spot. My favorite person? I don't have a
favorite. They're all certifiable lunatics, every single one of them... should be committed.
Everybody is fun. It's the hardest to keep a straight face with Ethan Phillips... and Bob
Picardo. We have a great time on the set.

Cmdrgeo1: Terry, what's the toughest technobabble you've had to say?

Farrell: Technobabble. In the second season, "Playing God." I was in the A, B and C
storyline and had babble in all three. My speech on the proto-universe was the hardest, and
a scene in the wedding episode.

Ryan: That's tomorrow, right? People on Pacific Time: You should all be watching
Voyager right now!

Hr_Heart: I want to thank you both for a wonderful season of the Star Trek saga. I am
concerned about the explosions on the set too close to the characters you play. Are there
safety measures that prevent you from getting hurt during those scenes?

Ryan: Safety forever. So many technical advisers... it's definitely very safe.

TVGO: And Terry, things are dangerous on Deep Space Nine?

Farrell: Oh, gosh, you know what I hate? Is having to bring my REAL phaser on the set to
whip everyone into shape.

TVGO: 'Cause that thing eats batteries.

Farrell: Oh, yeah. D-Cells, man! The Bunny cannot keep up!

Ryan: You killed the bunny! Terry phasered the bunny!

Farrell: Well, you know... I'm over the pink! I can't stand the pink anymore! Get a new
uniform, man!

Ryan:: I have a nice silver thing that's not being used anymore that I'd be happy to loan the

Teaser_47: Terry, hi there. Do you have plans to go into the movies?

Farrell: Yeah... so, are you a producer? Why not? Of course I do... I'm an actress, I'd love
to. Do you know Oliver Stone? Send me your... what's it called? I can't even think now?
How come I can't find this chat? I'm Dax, damn it!

TVGO: Everybody on Voyager'd be dead if they depended on you...

Farrell: Oh, my God, it's probably my fault they got lost!

Q200: Jeri, how did you like your first convention?

Ryan: It was fun. It was very interesting. It was overwhelming at first, but let's be honest,
not a tough room to work when your on a convention. The fans were so warm and so...
loving to anyone who's even remotely related to Star Trek. That was a bit shocking, even
though I had been prepped by my cast mates, but it really was fun.

Jeri: Is your husband a Star Trek fan? Were you a Star Trek fan before Voyager, and are
you hoping your kids will be, too?

Ryan: Boy... he is now! No, I've never really been a big sci-fi-watcher, though now that
I've been working on the show I find myself watching previous eps of both, and it's really
good. I knew it was good science fiction, but it's really good entertaining TV in general,
which was a pleasant surprise. My son, I have to say, a new Trekker is born. He loves it.
Space is his big thing anyway, so seeing spaceships blow each other up is a real treat for
him. Mreriley: Terry and Jeri, you are both great! Any chance we will see more of you
together in one series?

T/J: The half-hour sitcom "Laverne & Shirley in Space" spin-off we were discussing

Farrell: We've gotta help Rick spend the money. Yeah, a sitcom would be great, I'd love
to see you handle the sarcasm.

Celestial_Nights_0: How long do you have to sit and get makeup on?

Ryan: Now it's not bad, 45 minutes, an hour, but for the first two eps, it took two and
three and half hours respectively, and then an hour and a half to take it off at night.

Farrell: Whoa... now see, that's the hard part...

Ryan: That was the drag, after a 16-hour day, and you've got another hour and a half to sit
through... its tough.

FrankieNH: Seems like nobody smokes in the future. But are you ladies smokers in real
life, and how do you think the future will deal with this?

Farrell/Ryan: No.

Farrell: I just quit. Doing it for myself, it's much easier. I'm over the suicidal/homicidal
phase. Wish me luck.

SciFiFan_texas: JR... Will Seven remain part Borg?

TVGO: I think that's part of the fun... it's like a big question mark looming over the

T_strickland: Where are the writers going with the marriage of Dax and Worf? Is it to
cause conflict? There's already lots of that.

Farrell: No, I think they liked our connection... they thought it would be a positive thing
for the show.

AdmSteve: Jeri, how does it feel to know you really helped bring back Voyager?

Ryan: I can't take the pressure! No, it would delight me to no end to take the credit, but I
don't.... I think it has little to do with me. I think the writing has been really good this

Lawdoc: My question is for both of you. Star Trek has a long history of dealing with
social issues, such as racial bias etc. Do you feel that each of your shows continues that

Farrell: (pause) Uh-huh... huh? (pause) I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

Absolutely the show does. It's the basis of all things Trek. My character's getting to live it.
It's not an issue that we're an interracial couple. But that the FANS wanted us to get
married, that says something. That's a beautiful thing. Besides, he's cute.

WorthyL: How has the Trek influence changed your personal lives? Do you think it will
stereotype you?

Farrell: You know, I don't worry too much about being stereotyped, simply because I
have been so many times. It seems part of the trade. It's an interesting obstacle to
overcome, rather than something that would stop you.

Ryan: It was a concern, initially. I was concerned about getting stuck in the Star Trek
alien chick mode. I think it was a good choice, at this point. I've been pleased with the

Farrell: Did you [Jeri] think I was some alien babe?

Ryan: Oh... that was an act?

Clutch_98: What is Sisko like in real life?

Farrell: He's very intense. When he laughs, he laughs so hard he cries. It's an interesting
dichotomy. It's like laser beams of intensity, and then the next minute he laughs. He's also
a very smart man. He's a professor of drama. I don't know him very well personally, but
he's been a very good person to me. He's looked out for me. You want him on your side.

RaiderBlue: Does it feel funny to jump into a show and become an important character
with such an established crew already there?

Ryan: Yeah, it was strange. And a lot of pressure, self-induced. It could have been
awkward, but I was lucky -- the entire cast and crew went out of their way. But you can't
have a thin skin and work on Star Trek. They don't cut you much slack. The first day they
were being as tough on me as they were on each other...

Farrell: People are weird about this TV Guide cover. There's like a handful that are just as
excited as we are...

Ryan: Yeah, this was a first for me...

Rosiebe7: Dax, do you have enough room in your tummy for a Klingon baby plus your

Farrell: OK. LOL

Coach_blake: How long do you guys practice for each episode?

Farrell: Not enough. Not enough.

Ryan: A couple times, right before you shoot. We don't have a "rehearsal," period.

Farrell: For me, it's rough because I like that part of the process.... This way, it's a way of
a warrior thing. The FUN part, though (when you can rehearse something), is to go, "OK,
what if we try it like this?"

Pantera65: Terry, I loved you in Treasure Quest [the CD-ROM]... Any other simliar
projecs like that in the future for you?

Farrell: I hope so... but nothing planned... though as far as I know no one's won the prize

Ryan: Oh, there was a book like that years ago, Masquerade...

Farrell: There was a book with this, too...

Ryan: Do you know where the prize is?

Farrell: No... but I liked it because I got to play 10 characters... and we did it in three
days... Can you imagine?

Saxman_72: Jeri, Seven seemed a little uncomfortable when presented with the task of
eating food, but was extremely willing to partake in sexual activities. Your comments? ;)

Farrell: You hussy.

Ryan: Did you see what I had to eat?

Farrell: Yeah, who could blame her? That's not very sensual.

Duncan_malone: Terry, are Dax and Worf going to start doing "couple things" with
O'Brien and his wife?

Farrell: If Kaiko would come back. I wish she'd get her skinny butt back on the show
because I love Rosalyn... I never got to have any scenes with her. She's great. I love her.

Ryan: Terry, I loved your interview in Yahoo. You were hysterical.

TF: Do you enjoy doing the action scenes using the bat'leth? If not, you do a great job of

Farrell: Oh my God, I totally love those scenes. I wish I had more, They're so much fun...
thank you for noticing. I'm glad they made Dax so ... Ira said "roguish"... I hope they write

Primogen: How much say do the actors have in the humor of the show? Both characters
have had some really classic deadpan humor that has left me in stitches. Is that all the
writing or do you have some say?

Ryan: We can have some input, if there's a bit you really want to get in. Most of it's in the
writing already, though.

Farrell: Mine didn't start out that way. I felt there had to be a sarcastic sense of humor,
being as old as she is. But now they write it that way, and I'm like, OH NO, that's not

Iso100: So is dating a pretty common thing on the sets? After all, Nana Visitor and
Alexander Siddig got married.

Farrell: Oh yeah... COME ON!

Guylom: To Jeri, I love the way that you and Tuvok relate on the show, both being so
bloody rational and logical... Any chance of a romantic future for your characters?

Ryan: I don't know, and don't get excited, this is just me saying this. Voyager's been lost
for four years, so he's gotta be coming up for pon-far soon...

Farrell:You guy's'd have cute kids....

Jjoseph_a: Do you think that Star Trek in general has too few married characters, and in
particular, does the Voyager premise, that people have loved ones back in Alpha
Quadrant, tend to make the show anti-marriage?

Ryan: I don't think anti-marriage...

Farrell: Anti-sex.

Ryan: No. I don't think so. But certainly not real conducive to communication if your
loved one is in the Delta Quadrant.

Farrell: But what if they think you're dead?...

Jeri: Your husband must have seen you on Voyager already. What does he say about your

Ryan: He loves it. He has no problem, he's quite pleased. It was the makeup he had a
problem with. But he's over the costume now.

SCIFIFAN: Jeri, What do you think of Deep Space 9 and Terry's character? Terry, what
do you think of Voyager and Jeri's character?

Ryan: I think it's great. I didn't watch 'til this year, and now that I know Terry... I can't
wait for the wedding... She's awesome, I love her.

TVGO: Where'd you register?

Farrell: Quark's. He has a special registry... I ... before the TV Guide shoot, I had
someone get me two episodes that featured Jeri, one "The Scorpion" ... it ... oh... the last
five minutes were cut off! But I loved it, I think she's great! I think she's a good actess and
they're lucky to have her. I'll catch up with the shows when I'm done with the shows....

Kling: Jeri: how do you feel about web sites that are dedicated to you? Do you ever
contact those who run them?

Ryan: Yes, I do. They don't always believe it's me... but it's the least I can do. But it's very
strange. A lot of this Star Trek experience has been surreal. To think that people would
put so much time into something for me and my character.

Sabre_7: Terry, do you like being the commander-type character, like when you're in
charge of the Defiant?

Farrell: Yeah, wouldn't you? That was so much fun. I am super-proud that I get to fly the
Defiant. At first it was, like, I just got the best seat, and now... when I watch the special
effects it's like, "I'm doing it!" It's, like, Sisko will say, "Good work old man," and I'll be
like "Yeah." Isn't that silly?

Broox: I have noticed that sometimes actors appear on the shows as other characters,
prior to getting their stable roles. Did you ever fill in as a villain or as an extra in the
background before getting such a highlighted role?

Ryan: No. This was my intro. Not real subtle, was it?

40watt: Terry... I heard that in a kissing scene with you and Michael Dorn his Klingon
teeth cut your lip. Is this true???

Farrell: You did? It wasn't like a laceration... LOL... but yeah, it did... so he had to take
his teeth out. But if we pull apart, they have to cut anyway, because I've got his black
makeup on me and he's got my white makeup on him. He's a much better kisser without

Jeriryan: Will Seven ever let her hair down, literally, or would that "soften" the character
too much to be Borg?

Ryan: Um... actually, I just found out it's down for the next episode. Although, it's some
sort of holodeck thing. As far as in character, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Erik_kj: Terry, I heard that you were in a pilot for an Americanized version of Red Dwarf
as the Cat. Were you? Do you know where I can get a copy of the pilot?

Farrell: Oh... I was. I loved playing the Cat, but if it had happened I wouldn't be Dax. No,
I don't have it, because the original there was an effeminate black man playing the Cat, and
we did a "promo," and we got the script only the NIGHT before we did it.... So it wasn't
as funny as it could have been. Jane Leeds was the computer....

Jnco-kid: This one is for Jeri: When does 7 get to meet Q?

Ryan: I don't know. A lot of people keep asking... but I don't know. They've said they'd
love to have Q back on... but they want a good story.

Phasic: Terry, when Deep Space 9 first began, if you had been given the choice of play
ANY character -- male or female -- which character would you have picked and why?

Farrell: Wow. Dax. Because when I read, when I read the description, I'd actually read for
B5 as the psychic. My agent didn't want me to take it... He'd heard about Deep Space 9
and Dax. It affects my personality. I started reading about Taoism to get some depth to
my age... at 28 to play someone 350. I didn't feel like an adult.

Thanks, everyone!

Ryan: Thanks! Goodnight!