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FanFic About Jadzia Dax

Here you can find Fan Fiction about Jadzia Dax. I only have a few right now. Most written by me. But, if you would like me to post something that you wrote, email me and I'll be glad to look it over and post it. ( my address is at the bottom of the page.) If you would like to post the fanfic on your own website please email the writer and ask permission before doing so.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer applies to all of the works on this page. Paramount owns Star Trek. All of these stories are for entertainment purposes only.


NEW!!! "Only in My Dreams" The story of how Jadzia and Worf became lovers. Hope ya'll enjoy it! ( BTW - it comes in 4 parts )
| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

"Tears of the Prophets" - what really happened but Paramount doesn't want anyone to know: A story that rewrites the ending of Jadzia's appearances on DS9

guess what ya'll??? I've won an award for this story. If you would like to view the award click here.

Take me Back into the Arms I Love: A story which tells of Worf's reaction to Jadzia's death

Everything's Gonna be Alright A story of the way Worf lives his life after Jadzia's death. Based on the song "Everything's Gonna be Alright" by Sweetbox

In Retrospect: A story of Ezri dax recounting Jadzia's final days.

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Come Visit Seema Gangatirkar's Home Page:The Write Connection

"Too See You Again": Written by Seema Gangtirkar, Worf sees Jadzia again after her death

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"Leaving":Written by Parmoo, an alternate story on how Jadzia left DS9

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Come Visit Naomi's Site:Jadzia and Worf - My Change of Heart

NEW!!! The Dance:Written by Naomi Sheridan, Tells of Worf's recolections right after Jadzia's death.

Candle in the Wind...:Written by Naomi Sheridan, a story of DS9's reaction to Jadzia's death

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Come Visit Noelle Morrow's site: Jadzia and Worf Parmach Page

The Choices We Made:Written By Noelle Morrow, In another timeline, Jadzia and Julian are married, but Jadzia falls for another man

Re-AssignmentWritten by Noelle Morrow, Dax and Worf are reassigned to a new ship, but a another "assignment" keeps them on Ds9

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NEW!!! On the Hush:By Jaz, a newly coupled Waorf and Jadzia try to hide their relationship from everyone.

The Rapture of Love:written by Jaz D.Jordan, the continuation of the Jadzia/Worf legacy after their deaths.

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Tale of Two Lovers: An Epic Poem about Jadzia and Worf Guess what? I sent a copy of this poem to Terry Farrell and she loved it. I hope ya'll do too!

No More: A poem about Worf's feelings after Jadzia's death

Come Visit Naomi's site:Jadzia and Worf:My Change of Heart

To Jadzia: a romantic poem written by Worf to Dax by Naiomi Sheridan

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