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Only In My Dreams

|Part 1| Part 2| Part 3|


At 1700 hours Worf walked into the holosuite. He was looking forward to seeing what Jadzia’s devises were capable of doing. Most of all, he was looking forward to seeing Jadzia. As he walked into the holosuite, Worf discovered that Jadzia was already there, still working on the devises she had that morning.

" Oh hi Worf. I didn’t see you come in.”

“Are the devises ready.”

“Yeah, I’m just making a few minor adjustments to make the sensors a little more sensitive. I’ve also added a little virtual screen for you so you can see through Quark’s eyes. Now we just have to wait for Quark.”

“ Commander, I wish to apologize. I should not have dragged you into this.”

“It’s no problem Worf. Besides, I was looking for an excuse to use this little devise.”

Worf glanced at Jadzia as she smiled at him. It was such a beautiful smile and only she had it.

“Okay, I’m ready to battle to the death,” Quark walked in interrupting the moment between the two.

“ The devises are ready. I just have to attach it to the base of you necks.” Jadzia proceeded to attach the devises and turn them on. She picked up a bat’leth for herself and Quark. “ Worf, are you ready?”

Worf nodded his head as he picked up his own bat’leth and stood ready for battle. It was an odd sensation because he could see Jadzia right in front of him yet she wasn’t. “Defend yourself!’ Worf declared his usual battle cry. He fought with such intensity, he thought he could go on forever. She was a worthy opponent and he couldn’t bear to lose in Quark’s midst. After almost five minutes of battle, Work finally knocked the bat’leth from Jadzia’s hands.

“Congratulations,” Jadzia applauded Quark, “ How do you feel?”

“ Like a puppet. And I have some complaints for the puppeteer. He nearly wrenched my arm out of its socket!”

Jadzia smiled at Worf as he answered, “ The movement would not have hurt if you were in better physical condition.”

“ Exercise makes me sweat.”

Jadzia laughed, “You need to get some sleep. If your body’s tired tomorrow, even Worf can’t save you.”

“Bedtime!” Quark declared as he exited the holosuite, finally leaving the pair alone.

“ I can not believe the lengths I am going to for the Ferengi! I am practically giving him Grilka.” Worf was extremely exasperated. Why couldn’t he have anything go the way he wants it to?

“What is it you see in her anyway? I mean, she’s attractive, but other than that?”

“It is everything about her. They way she carries herself - confident and strong. She commands those around her. The proud tilt of her head. The way her face betrays none of her true feelings. The power of her voice. And her eyes, as hard as supergemstones and twice as sharp.”

Little did Jadzia know that Worf was actually describing the qualities in her that he found so very attractive. Worf couldn’t look into her eyes while he said this. He was afraid that it might let her know too much. He felt so strongly for this woman yet, he couldn’t tell her.


Jadzia stood there and listened as he described the woman who was in the way of her happiness. If there was only a way to convince Worf that she was all these things and more. Jadzia couldn’t stand to hear it. She started to become really frustrated at the situation.

“Sounds like you’re describing a statue. What would you do with a woman like that? Put her up on a pedestal and clean her every week?”

“You do not understand!”

“If I were in you shoes, I would be looking for someone a little more entertaining, a little more fun, and maybe even a little more attainable.” Jadzia was so frustrated at Worf. She had been clueing him in for over 2 weeks and he still didn’t get it. Sometimes she couldn’t stand that thick head of his. He wasn’t seeing the obvious.

“You are not in my shoes.”

“Too bad. You’d be amazed in what I could do in a pair of size 18 boots.” Jadzia walked away from Worf and went to her quarters. The whole time she spent thinking about how she wasn’t getting what she so dearly wanted. “He just isn’t getting it!” she said to herself as she entered her living room.


The next day, Worf tried to avoid Jadzia. He didn’t go to the replimat that morning, he just went straight to OPS. After what had happened that previous night in the holosuite, he wasn’t sure how to be around her. They had gone back to how they were just a few days ago... Uncomfortable. Worf hated the feeling. He cared for Jadzia so much but he just could not figure out how to show that to her. Quark’s battle wasn’t going to happen until that afternoon so Worf decided to spend the time before meditating.

- Worf’s quarters were full of the smell of Klingon incense. He could barely see through the clouds of smoke the incense had created but her could sense a familiar presence next to him. He turned his head in an effort to figure out who it was. The woman next to him had turned her head at the same time, her crystal blue eyes were now staring deeply into Worf’s soul. She handed him the duq’tagh that she had just used to slice her hand open.

“It’s your turn Worf.”

Worf took the knife and then realized what was happening. He and Jadzia were performing the Klingon bonding ritual. After this ritual, they would belong to each other forever. Worf took the knife and made an incision on the palm of his hand. Jadzia held her hand out and Worf took it in his letting their blood mix and meld together as their souls became one. -

Worf’s eyes opened. This had been one of the most powerful meditations he had ever experienced. He was sure Kahless was trying to tell him something. The ritual he experienced was something that was done only when a couple was sure they were right each other, that they belonged together. He had to make Jadzia his.

“ Quark to Commander Worf”

Worf tapped his communicator, “ What is it you want?”

“Well, if you were going to help me win this battle you better get to the holosuite now because I’m going in 10 minutes from now.”

“I will be there,” Worf reluctantly said.” Worf out.”

Worf stood up from the sitting position he had been in the past couple hours and got ready to defend the lowly Ferengi.


“It’s about time you showed up,” Jadzia commented as Worf entered the holosuite.

“ I was deep in meditation.”

“ I don’t care how deep you were into anything, just make sure I live!” Quark yelled from the other side of the holosuite. He was already wearing the devise on his neck.

“I just have to hook your end up and we’ll be ready.” Jadzia said as she attached the devise to the base of Worf’s neck. “Okay, you guys should be ready to battle to the death.”

“Please don’t say that,” Quark scolded “ I’m nervous enough as it is!”

Jadzia smiled at Quark. She still couldn’t believe the lengths Worf was going to help him. It just didn’t seem like him to do stuff like that. Jadzia wanted so badly to express her real feelings towards Worf but there never seemed to be a good time. There was always something in the way.

“ Quark, I think it’s about time you left. It’s 1600 hours.”

“Thank you Dax. Oh and Worf, take it easy on me will you?”

Jadzia pulled out a tricorder and waited until Quark entered the holosuite next door. “He’s in position.”

She turned to Worf and made sure the devise was switched on. “Commander,” Worf took off his sash, “ Hold this for me.”

Jadzia took the sash out of his hands and slung it over her shoulder. It was extremely heavy. She had no idea how Worf could walk around with it on all day. she watched as Worf took his position in the center of the holosuite. He fought expertly with his sword in hand. She was sure that To’pak would be defeated.


Worf worked hard to fight off To’pak, he was a worthy opponent. Without his help, Quark wouldn’t have a chance in hell the survive his wrath. But at the same time, Worf was keenly aware of Jadzia’s eyes watching him. They had fought many times in the holosuite but he wanted to show her his clean form and strength. Worf needed a chance to impress Jadzia, especially after what had happened the previous night. As Worf swung his blade from side to side he suddenly became aware of a large crackle of energy. He looked to the floor and discovered that he had knocked a piece of the headset off.

“ Oh my god Worf. Quark’s in there battling by himself.” Jadzia said as she removed the headset from Worf’s neck.

“ You think I did not know that.” Worf countered, “ Is it operational?”

“ You damaged the optronic relay.”

“Can you repair it?”

“I don’t know.”

“ What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Worf, I spent over three months developing this devise. It’s extremely delicate. If you weren’t showing off maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

“ What do you mean showing off!”

“You heard what I said. You could’ve knock To’pak from his feet in a few seconds.”

Worf picked up the tricorder to scan the other side of the wall where the other holosuite was. “ I do not know how, but he is still alive. You must work faster.”

“I’m going as fast as I can.”

“ I am sure you are,” Worf said with a hint of sarcasm.

“ What did you just say?”

“ Dax, if you do not concentrate on the task at hand Quark will most likely die.”

“ See if I care,” Jadzia mumbled under her breath.

“ What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Jadzia held up the devise, “ There, I think it’s repaired.” She placed it back on Worf’s neck. Worf picked up his bat’leth and took his place once again in the middle of the holosuite.


“No showing off this time Worf. Just get it over with.” Jadzia was extremely frustrated with Worf. Why would he show off to Grilka in this fashion. He knew there was no way he could have her. Jadzia wondered why Worf never showed off for her.

“ I was not showing off.”

“God Worf, will you just concentrate!”

“I am, Commander.” Worf took that moment to sweep To’pak off his feet and offer the sword to Grilka. Next thing he knew, his air supply was being cut off.

Jadzia jumped in to turn the devise off. She couldn’t bear to see him suffocate, even though he could be an ass at times. “ Congratulations, you did it.”

“What does she see in that parasite.”

“Who knows but they’re on the same wavelength and at least Quark can see an opportunity when it’s standing in front of him.” Jadzia was so frustrated at Worf. How could he not see what was right in front of him?

“You’d have to be blind not to see it.”

Jadzia was ready to explode. Then the thought came to her. She was going to challenge Worf right there and then. “Mova aki rustaq”

Worf turned to her to see if he heard what he thought he heard.

Jadzia stared him straight in the eyes, her own eyes full of passion, “ Computer, bat’leth.” The holosuite computer produced a bat’leth midair. Jadzia reiterated herself, this time more confident, “ Mova aki rustaq.”

Worf turned to her with his bat’leth in hand ready to accept the invitation, his own voice filled with passion for Jadzia, “ Mosh’tova Epoq aver Luchara.”

“Ish tu’ve chuq. Qle’nook.” Jadzia swung her bat’leth at Worf who countered her move.

“Meq’klavesh Qa’mesh”

“De’naq klosqa. Ne’toq”

Worf swung his bat’leth at Dax’s and disarmed her. In the heat of the moment, Jadzia used her hands to disarm Worf and flip him onto his back, something she has never done before. Jadzia couldn’t remember how but the next thing she knew, she was in Worf’s stranglehold.


Worf’s mind was a whirlwind. How could this be happening? He had Jadzia in his arms. She was finally his. The tension over the past few days had finally turned into something glorious. Worf could hardly believe what he was experiencing. Was he still dreaming? He wasn’t sure what was reality and what wasn’t. What mattered most was that she was his and he loved her.


Jadzia closed her eyes and let reality sink in. She had finally made Worf hers. After all these weeks of flirting and near misses, she finally had him in her arms. The moment they’re bodies met for the first time, Jadzia felt an instant connection. There was something about this man that made he soul complete. Nothing else mattered anymore. He was hers, and she loved him.


The precious moments the pair spent together left lasting images in their minds. What they had shared was more than a sexual experience, it was spiritual. It was a timeless experience when they existed together as one. All they knew was each other - their touch, their scent, their hearts beating as one. Nothing else in the universe existed. For both, it had become a heightened sense of reality.


Worf’s eyes opened. Was everything he just experienced just a dream? He turned his head and saw Jadzia resting in the crook of his arm. Maybe what had just experienced was real.

“Jadzia,” Worf whispered with his deep rumbling voice.

“ So it wasn’t a dream.” She said with a smile on her face.

“ No, it was not.” Worf looked at the bumps and bruises on Jadzia’s body. “ I apologize for being rough.”

“It’s okay,” Jadzia said as she wiped the blood from his face, “ It looks like I did a number on you too.”

“ I think we should pay a visit to the infirmary.”

“Oh no Worf. What are we going to say?”

“ We fought a battle to the death and you won.”

“ I sure did,” Jadzia smiled. “ We better get dressed. We wouldn’t want to walk down the promenade looking like this.”

“No, we would not.” Worf helped Jadzia to her feet and the couple continued to dress themselves. Worf picked up his sash and put it on Jadzia’s shoulder, “ My honor is now yours.”

Jadzia looked at him with love in her eyes. She never realized how romantic Worf could be. She touched Worf’s face and led him in for a tender kiss. “ We should go before we start again,” Jadzia pulled herself away defensively. She started to take a step, not realizing how badly she had injured her ankle. Worf took her arm and the couple leaned on each other as they headed for the infirmary.


Jadzia led Worf to the entrance of the infirmary where Bashir was busy treating two other patients, Quark and Grilka. Bashir looked up as the pair entered

“ What happened to you two???”

Jadzia looked at Worf, embarrassed. Worf looked back at her and answered, “ We ummm...”

“ Well, ummm... If you must know... ummm...” Jadzia tried to continue but the words were not coming out of her mouth.

“ No... No... I don’t need that image either. In fact, I think I’m going to stop asking that question all together. People can come in, I will treat them, and that’s all. Please have a seat, I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Jadzia led Worf into the back room of the infirmary where they sat down, exhausted from the long walk between the holosuite and the infirmary. She was still in disbelief of what had just happened.

“ You do realize that according to Klingon tradition...”

“ According to tradition we have to get married.” Jadzia completed his sentence.

“ But as you keep insisting, you are not a traditional woman.”

Jadzia made the effort to stand up and face Worf, she wanted to look into his eyes, his deep soulful eyes. “ The truth is Worf, at heart, you’re not much of a traditional man.”

“ You might be right.” Worf looked at her as she reached for a loose stand of his hair and began to fondle it, “ How do you wish to proceed?”

Jadzia looked him in the eye once again. “ I don’t know,” she finally answered. She didn’t want to think about their future. She just wanted to exist in this state of euphoria.

“You must have some idea, you were the...”

“Aggressor.” Jadzia admitted, slightly embarrassed.

“Yes. And now there are questions to be answered.”

She turned around, took his hands in her own and wrapped his powerful arms around her body. All she wanted was to be in his arms again. “ I don’t feel like answering questions. Why don’t we just take it one day at a time and see what happens.”

Jadzia felt Worf began to stand. She stood up and turned around in time to catch his glance, “ I do not like the uncertainty of that arrangement.”

“One thing’s for certain. You stopped thinking about Grilka.” Jadzia started to laugh. All of the trials and tribulations they had been through the past few days had amounted into this wonderful thing, this perfect union. Her laugh must’ve been infectious because next thing Jadzia knew, Worf was laughing along with her. He had such a powerful laugh, Jadzia wish this wasn’t the first time she had heard it.

The two didn’t realize that Bashir had snuck into room and was preparing to treat them.

“When you two are done sharing that little moment of yours, will someone care to explain how you got these injuries?”

“ We ummm...” Jadzia answered.

“Oh I forgot, I’m not going to ask you that question anymore. I’ll just treat you.” Bashir held up the medical tricorder to their bodies and scanned them, “ Fractured ribs, numerous contusions and lacerations. What the hell were you two doing in the holosuite.”

“We fought a battle to the death,” Worf answered looking at Jadzia.

“And I won...” Jadzia smiled back at Worf.

It took the doctor a whole half hour to treat their injuries but after that was over the two left the infirmary, not knowing what to do next.

“ What do you wish to do?” Worf inquired.

“ I feel like taking a walk with you.” Jadzia held out her hand and Worf took it in his. She loved the sensation of Worf’s warm hand against her cool skin. Jadzia led them to an empty turbolift and commanded, “ Upper pylon 3”

“Where are we going?”

“ I want to take you to my special spot. We can see the wormhole open and close from there. I feel like making a few wishes.”

“As you wish.”

The turbolift doors opened and Jadzia led Worf to a little niche where there was a small viewport pointing in the direction of the wormhole. Worf stood behind her as she spent a moment taking in the view.

“ Worf,” Jadzia reached behind her to take his hands in her own and wrap his arms around her. “ Will you just hold me? I want to feel your body close to mine.” Jadzia leaned her head back onto Worf’s chest and reveled in the moment the two shared with each other. As if the wormhole knew that they were there, it opened producing a beautiful whirlpool of light. “ Make a wish Worf.” Jadzia gazed at the wormhole and asked the prophets to make this moment, these feelings she felt, last forever. She knew that Worf was the one who made her life complete. She knew she wanted to be a part of his life. “ Did you make a wish?”

“Yes, I did. I wished for...”

Jadzia turned and put her finger to his lips. “ Don’t tell me or else it won’t come true.”

At that moment Worf’s hand brushed Jadzia’s face and the two met for a long, fervent kiss. Jadzia had to part from the sweet embrace realizing that she had to be somewhere else.

“Worf, I have to go. I’m supposed to be in OPS right now.”

Worf took her in for another kiss, “ I will see you later.”

Jadzia smiled and departed, disappearing into the turbolift.

Worf stood in that spot for a few minutes, reveling in the emotions he felt. He was going to make this the romance that lasted. He could not bear to lose her, ever.


Worf spent the rest of his evening in his quarters thinking about the events that occurred that day. Worf kept telling himself that he should spend the night away from her, so he could finally get his head on straight. But the urge was to great to resist.

“Computer, locate Commander Dax.”

“Commander Dax in is her quarters.”

“ Computer, time”

“The time is 0130 hours.”

Worf got up and decided to pay Jadzia a little visit. He hoped she wasn’t going to be asleep, he wanted to be able to talk. Worf made his way to Dax’s quarters. When he got there, he punched in his override code and stepped in. Her quarters were dark with the exception of the light coming from the stars outside the viewport. Worf continued to make his way to her bedroom. He noticed the scent of her quarters - it smelled like her perfume. It reminded Worf so much of her. Worf stepped into her quarters and discovered Jadzia peacefully sleeping. He went up to her bedside and sat there, just looking at her.

Jadzia’s eyes slowly fluttered open, “ Worf? What are you doing in here?”

“I could not wait to be with you again.”

“ Neither could I. What time is it? It must be 0100 hours.”

“Actually, it is 0135. I thought you would still be awake.”

“I thought so too. It’s been a really exciting day for me. But, I couldn’t stay awake. I give you a lot of credit Worf. You really know how to tire a girl out.” Jadzia smiled at him “ Come to bed Worf. I’d love nothing more than to be with you tonight.”

“ I agree.” Worf stripped down until all he had on was his starfleet issue boxers. He climbed into bed where Jadzia turned to put her arms around him and rest in the crook of his arm. Worf couldn’t remember the last time he felt this way. She was finally in his arms, the woman who had taken over his dreams for the past few weeks. He knew what he felt was genuine. He loved her.


Jadzia looked up into Worf’s deep eyes. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For making my dreams become a reality.”

Jadzia lay there for a moment thinking about how this had been all she could dream about the past few weeks. He was finally hers. After battling with her emotions and dealing with a Ferengi, this was her reward. A sense of absolute completeness came over her. She hadn’t felt this way in a long time. Before drifting off into a tranquil sleep, Jadzia whispered, “ I love you.”

“I love you too.” Worf’s deep voice sent chills through her whole body.

As Jadzia fell into a deep sleep next to her lover, she thought to herself, “ Only in my dreams...”

---The End