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Only In My Dreams

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At 1645 Jadzia took a quick survey of OPS. Much to her surprise, Worf seemed to have disappeared.

“ Computer, locate commander Worf.”

“ Commander Worf is in the Promenade.”

Great, what could he possibly be doing there. Jadzia quickly finished her work and set off for the promenade, determined to find him. She had to tell Worf about her feelings before she hurt herself.


Worf stormed out of Quark’s disgusted over what had just happened. How could Tumek possibly know if Grilka wanted to court him or not. This whole situation has become incredibly frustrating.

“ Worf???” A familiar voice called out.

Worf turned to see the person he expected, Jadzia. “ What do you want?”

“ Whoa! What happened to you?”

“ It is a long story.”

“ I’ve got time. Besides, we are still going to have dinner together right?”

“ Yes, of course.”

The pair walked towards the turbolift and they stepped inside.

“ Computer, Defiant.” Jadzia commanded.

“ The Defiant?” Worf inquired.

“ Yeah, I thought we could use a little privacy so we could talk.”

“ Talk about what.”

“ I don’t know... Maybe about Grilka and yourself.”

Worf felt the anger arise in him at the mention of her name. “ Why do you wish to discuss such an irritating topic?”

“ Worf, this morning I was under the impression that you were in love with her, not ready to blow her head off.”

“ That is exactly the point.” The turbolift opened and the two proceeded to the Defiant’s mess.

“ Now, exactly what happened before I showed up?” Jadzia asked as she went to the replicator the get their meal.

“ I went to Quark’s to impress Grilka. One thing led to another and Tumek, the pa’tagh, informed me that I had no business courting Grilka as I am a traitor to the empire. He mentioned that Grilka was not offended but I know otherwise. Why would such a woman as she want anything to do with a dishonorable warrior?”

“ Worf, you can’t...” Jadzia was cut off.

“ He said that my name was a curse and that I had not the least bit idea of how to court a Klingon woman.”

“ An understandable statement. Worf, you were raised by humans.”

Worf became disgusted at Jadzia for stating the obvious. Of all people, he thought that Jadzia would think he WAS a true Klingon in every way... not just a human in a Klingon shell. “ Why is love such an unpleasant condition?”

“ Worf, you make love sound like a debilitating disease.”

“ Love IS a debilitating disease! It slowly eats away at you until you can no longer tolerate it.”

“ Believe it or not Worf, but love is an amazing and fulfilling thing. You could get so much out of a genuine relationship.” Worf was not paying attention to Jadzia’s little sermon, instead he was busily sulking into his cup of prune juice. “ Worf???”

“ I am a fool.” Worf was finished with these games. It was the truth. Love was not at all kind to him. First it was K’ehleyr, then it was Deanna, then it was Jadzia, and now it is Grilka.

“ You’re in love... which I suppose is the same thing.” Worf’s face cringed at the mention of the word. Why is it that every time he found the right woman, she had to be way out of his reach. “ You’re making too much of this Worf. Tumek said that Grilka wasn’t offended, she was probable flattered.”

“ There is no flattery in a great lady being courted by a traitor.”

Dax sat across the table from him and took a deep gaze into Worf’s eyes. He wanted to turn away, to not allow her to see the hurt inside, but it was impossible. “ Is that what’s really bothering you, or is it that Tumek said that you didn’t know anything about Klingon women and you’re afraid he’s right?” Jadzia saw straight through Worf’s facade.

Worf was just about to rebut to Jadzia’s observation when the pair heard the doors to the mess hall open. It was Quark, that damned Ferengi! “ What do you want???” Worf attacked.

“ I want to talk to Dax if that’s all right with you.”

Worf just sat there silently as Quark continued on. “ I need help. Grilka invited me to dinner and I need to brush up on Klingon manners and protocol...”

Worf was astonished. He could not step 5 feet away from Grilka yet she invited the detestable Ferengi to dinner. “ She invited you to dinner!?!”

“ In her quarters. A private dinner... A very private dinner.” Quark let a sly smile slip out.

Worf stood up disgusted over the Ferengi. He could not believe for one minute that any of this was happening.

“ What’s wrong with him?” Quark inquired.


Jadzia took a slightly loving glance at Worf who looked like the was ready to blow Quark out of an airlock. “He’s having a bad day.”

“ Oh that’s a shame.” Quark quickly changed the subject at hand, “ So, when Grilka and I were married, there wasn’t a lot of um... Affection involved. So, what does a Klingon woman expect from a man? Are there any secret Klingon phrases I should know... Or should we just leap on each other like a pair of crazed voles?”

Jadzia was amazed. But then again, these words WERE coming out of Quark’s mouth. “Quark, Klingon mating rituals are very... involved. It’s not just a one night affair.”

“ Two nights...”Jadzia gave Quark the look. If only it WAS two nights. She’d be in Worf’s arms at this very moment. “ No look, I’m serious. Grilka and I have something... I’m not sure what. But I want to pursue it.”

“For sex.”

“No!!! “ Jadzia gave Quark an incredulous look. “ Well, yeah, that too. But there’s more. She’s glorious.”

Jadzia looked at Worf, trying to see his reaction, “ So I hear. Look, if you’re serious about this, then you have to take it slow at dinner. No innuendoes.... no staring at her cleavage...”

“So what do I do???”

“You talk, you ask her about her family’s history and their accomplishments. Oh, she’ll consider it as a great sign of respect.”

“RESPECT??? ” Quark looked at Dax like she was crazy. “ Okay, okay, I can do that. Anything else?”

Suddenly, Worf voice came from the background. “ Grilka is from the Mek’ravok region. It is customary among her people for the men to bring a leg of ling’ta for their first courtship dinner. Make sure it’s fresh, as if you’ve just killed it. Then use the leg to sweep aside everything on the table and declare in a loud voice, ‘ I have brought you this. From this day I wish to provide food for you and your house. All I ask is to share your company and do honor to your name.’”

“Then what?” Quark was getting absolutely confused.

Jadzia stared at Worf in astonishment. She had never seen him be so passionate and romantic. “ Well, either she accepts your offer,” Jadzia soon became aware of the way she was looking at Worf and broke her stare, “ Or she has her body guard shatter every bone in your body.”

“Sounds reasonable.” Quark rose and stepped out of the mess hall leaving the pair together.

“I don’t know how that Ferengi can possibly think that he has a chance with Grilka.” Worf commented.

“ Well, apparently he does. By the way Worf, if you fell this way about Quark and Grilka, why even bother to help him out?”

Worf, unable to answer the question walked out of the mess hall leaving Jadzia with unanswered questions.


Worf stepped out of the mess hall and decided to spend the evening walking around the ship, trying to sort his feelings out. He half expected Jadzia to go chasing after him, but much to his surprise he remained alone on his journey. Why was it that he cared tremendously for Jadzia, yet he was allowing himself to be taken away by this Klingon woman?

The next morning, Worf decided not to join Jadzia for breakfast. Instead, Worf went to the bridge where no one was present. He reached into his secret compartment in which he hid the Klingon operas he so often listened to while alone on the bridge. Worf took one out and fingered it for a while. it was one of the operas Jadzia had given him, his favorite one in fact. Worf put it into the comm system and played it, blasting it throughout the Defiant’s bridge. Worf was just beginning to sing to it when he heard a noise in the background. Worf quickly turned off the opera and turned to see who the hell it was... Quark. First he had to walk in on him in the holosuite... now in the Defiant. When will the embarrassment end?

“I’m not going to ask,” Quark replied, defending himself, “Look, I came here to thank you for last night. Grilka loved it... all of it. Everything I did, everything I said was perfect.”

“So, I know nothing about Klingon women.” Worf said to himself.

“She said I had the heart of a basai master. Whatever the hell that is.”

“It is a poet.”

“A poet? I guess I could live with that.”

“What else happened?”

“We spent about an hour talking about her family’s history - a rather long and bloody tale. But, what else is new? Then, we ate the ling’ta, which tasted REALLY bad, listened to some noise which she called Klingon music, then I left.”

“A perfect evening.” Worf thought aloud. If only such a night would exsist between him and Jadzia.

“Ummm, almost. Her bodyguard was giving me threatening looks all night.”

“That is to be expected.The idea of a Ferengi courting a great lady is...offensive.” Worf almost surprised himself at that comment. It had been less then 26 hours ago that Tumek had mention the same thing to him.

“You know, it’s attitudes like that that keep you people from getting invited to all the really good parties.”

“Heart of a basai master...” Worf drifted of in though, “She said that?”

“Could I make that up???” Quark looked at Worf, “ I’m telling you Worf, she responded perfectly. You really have the key to this woman’s heart. Thing is, can you help me unlock it?”

Worf thought to himself for a while. Sure he may have the key to Grilka’s heart but that didn’t matter because the key was for the wrong woman. Jadzia was the one woman in his life who actually had some meaning. If only he could learn the secrets to unlock HER heart. “ Yes I can. We have work to do.”

“Work, what do you mean by work?”

“Meet me in the holosuite tonight at 1400 hours.” With that, Worf left the bridge. There were preparations to be made, and most importantly, Worf needed to convince a certain person to help him out.


“Dax, all I ask is that you assist me in doing this.”

“And exactly why should I help you Worf?” Jadzia inquired as the pair entered the turbolift, “ OPS.” Jadzia commanded the turbolift. Jadzia enjoyed torturing Worf in this way. Of course she was going to say yes. Why else would she not?

“ You have never refused in the past.” Worf rebutted.

“You’re going to have to give me a better reason than that Worf. Besides, I had a busy afternoon planned.”

“Full of boredom in your quarters no doubt.”

“Mr. Worf, I’m afraid you’re getting to know me a little too well. Now, what is it you’re asking me to do?”

“ I intend to teach Quark the legend of Kahless and Luchara.”

“ And exactly how do I fit in this picture?”

“ You will be playing the part of Luchara.”

“ I don’t think so,” Jadzia smiled.

“ I think you are a perfect match for the role. After all, you are magnificent, powerful and... Gloriously beautiful. I could think of no better woman to play the role of the greatest woman in Klingon history.” Worf couldn’t keep himself from looking into Jadzia’s eyes.

“Worf, you DO realize that you’re flirting with me.” Jadzia paused as Worf broke his eyes from hers. Jadzia smiled and laughed to herself, pleased that she had caught him off guard. “Well, if you put it that way, I will do it. When shall I meet you?”

“Holosuite one at 1400 hours. Do not be late.” The turbolift doors opened and Jadzia watched as Worf escaped to the sanctity of his tactical console.


Worf watched as Dax and Quark battled with the holographic Klingon warriors. Worf could not help but notice the glorious lines of Jadzia’s body, her costume had done her body much justice. On the other side of the holographic hall was Quark, clumsily fighting off a bombardment of warriors. no matter what he did, Worf could not keep his eyes from wandering back to Dax. If only he were Kahless and Dax was the legendary Luchara. Suddenly, Worf became distracted from his musings by a shrill scream coming from the detestable Ferengi who was about to be drawn and quartered by a holowarrior.

“Quark!” Jadzia yelled as she froze the program and demonstrated what he should do.

“Quite the expert,” Worf thought to himself.

“Mova aki rustaq!” Jadzia turned to Quark signaling that it was his turn to speak.

“ Kos’to ma” Worf had to clue the Ferengi in.

“Kos’to ma epeq to’ma ka’kar ka’ve.”

“Ish tu’ve chuq. Qe’nook.” Jadzia answer with passion.

Quark answered in unintelligible Klingon that compelled Worf to stop the disgrace to his culture . “ ENOUGH!!!”


Jadzia turned to Worf who looked as if he was ready to rip the Ferengi’s head off. She knew how passionate Worf was about the legends of his culture. It must be breaking his heart how Quark could not do it right.

Worf continued to correct the Ferengi in a firm tone, “You say the words but there is no feeling behind it, no passion.”

“Having to learn all this Klingonese isn’t helping my performance.”

“Do not think of it as a performance!” Jadzia gazed at Worf. His passion for his culture was a real turn on. “Believe in where you are. Put yourself in this place... In this time.”

As Worf continued to tell the story of Kahless and Luchara, Jadzia could not help but watch and listen to his powerful voice. She had never realized just how much passion Worf was capable of. His stoic exterior had almost always been the one presented to her. This was a nice change. If only she make this Klingon her own.

“This is ridiculous!” Quark argued as Worf grunted and walked away frustrated at him. “I’m surrounded by corpses, my shoes are dripping in blood, and you want me to feel ROMANTIC!!! Why am I putting myself through this?”

Jadzia stepped in hoping to make the same passionate impression Worf had just made on her. “ Because later that night, Kahless and Luchara leapt on each other like a pair of crazed voles.” And with that Jadzia let out a sexy little growl, adding a little icing to the cake she had just offered Worf.

“Oh... one more time,” Quark replied.

Dax started the Klingon holoprogram again and Quark’s training continued.


After another hour and half, Quark finally ended the training session saying, “ You know what? I think I’ve had enough blood shed for today. What I really need now is a good drink.”

“We’ll see you later Quark.” Jadzia answered back as Quark exited the holosuite. She turned to look at Worf who had a disgruntled look on his face. “ Oh come on Worf, things didn’t go that badly.”

“Perhaps, but I do not see how my efforts can possibly help me in courting Grilka. It is a futile endeavor.” Worf walked to the exit of the holosuite in a huff. He knew that he was just using Grilka for an excuse not to face his feelings about Jadzia. She was such an unattainable goal, Worf could not even bear to think about it. It was hard enough for him to be with her. Worf was so afraid that he may slip again and let his true feelings leak through his stoic exterior. If there was only a way for her to become his.

“ Worf??? “ Jadzia interrupted his train of thought, “ You still in there?”

Worf turned to her just in time to see a sly smile form on her face. “ I suppose so,” he answered.

“Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to walk me back to my quarters. It’ll give us time to talk.”

“About Grilka?” Worf answered trying to avoid the fact that what he really wanted to talk about was them.

“If that’s what you want to talk about.”

“ I apologize but I must refuse.”

“ So you can go and sulk in your quarter no doubt.” Jadzia half-smiled at Worf.

“Commander, I am afraid you are getting to know me too well.” Worf quoted Jadzia from earlier that day, maybe Jadzia would catch it.

“ Ah, of course. Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow for breakfast.”

“Yes, of course.”

Worf looked at Jadzia and then exited the holosuite. He slowly walked back to his quarters. He half expected Dax to come running after him after a few minutes passed. In fact, worf wanted her to come running after him. But she did not. After arriving at the Defiant, Worf went to the bridge and disappeared for a couple of hours, listening to his Klingon operas. He needed more time to think.


“ The time is 0630 hours.”

Jadzia rolled over in her bed only to discover that the computer had already turned her lights on... Full blast. “What the???” Then it came to her. The previous evening, Jadzia had planned to return Worf’s favor and pick him up for breakfast this morning, as a surprise of course. Unfortunately, Jadzia forgot that she had set her alarm AND lights a whole half hour early just so she would actually go through with it. “ You know what Jadzia?” she commented to herself, “Sometimes you worry me.”

Jadzia slowly rolled herself out of bed and finally got herself ready to surprise Worf. The whole time she spent thinking about how much time Worf has been spending thinking about Grilka. In a way, Jadzia started to feel really jealous. First, all the two of them could worry about was themselves and now another woman gets thrown into the equation. Jadzia wanted so much for Worf to be with her but Grilka being on the station didn’t make matters any easier.

“ Computer, locate Commander Worf.”

“Commander Worf is in the Defiant in his quarters.”

“Good,” Jadzia said to herself, “ At least something is working out the way I planned it.”

Jadzia left her quarters and slowly made her way up to the Defiant. She didn’t know what she was going to say once Worf appeared at the door but she knew she had to do this. She had to let Worf know just how much she was thinking about him. She soon arrived at the doors of his quarters and rung the bell.

“Come on Worf... Answer...”

The doors swished open to reveal a disheveled Worf. “ Commander.” Worf noted surprisedly, “ I did not expect to see you.”

“That was the whole point,” Jadzia commented.

“You must forgive my appearance, you got me out of bed.”


“Did you not know that I had the early shift off today.”

“Oh, right.” Jadzia felt slightly embarrassed at the little mistake. “ Well, while you’re up, would you like to have breakfast with me?”

“I do not see any reason why not. Give me a few moments to change into more appropriate attire.”

“ I think what you’re wearing right now looks perfect.” Jadzia commented . All he had on was his Starfleet issue boxers and groggy look on his face. Jadzia liked what she was seeing... A lot.

“ I do not think so.” And with that Worf disappeared behind the doors and appeared a few minutes later in full Starfleet code.

“Shall we go?” Jadzia asked impatiently.

“ Yes, we shall.”

“ I thought we would eat in the mess hall today.”

“The mess hall?”

“Let’s just say I’m sick of little distractions.” Jadzia replied, and then to herself, “ Like Quark...”

“Did you say something?” Quark’s voice came from behind the pair.

“No, I didn’t.” Jadzia turned to see the sneaky Ferengi, “ Where did you come from???”

“I just came for a little advice.”

Dax looked at Worf and found a somewhat amused look on his face. Did he really enjoy helping this detestable Ferengi out? “ Well Quark, we’re kind of on our way to breakfast.”

“Oh good, it’s about time I had breakfast as well.”

Jadzia became extremely annoyed at Quark. Why is it she could never find the perfect moment with Worf? The three entered the mess hall and Jadzia got her and Worf’s usuals - raktajino and prune juice. Quark just continue to sit at a table at the side of the room.

“ Quark, I thought you were hungry.”

“Never mind that. I have more pressing matters.”

“ Such as???” Jadzia could not stand that man sometimes. He did not know when to give up.

“Let’s just say that I need more than a little holosuite training to get Grilka.”

“What do you mean?” Worf finally spoke up after minutes of silence.

“ Well, I used what little training you gave me yesterday and took Grilka up to holosuite and we re-enacted the story of Kahless and Luchara. Suffice it say she enjoyed it. After that we went down to the bar to have a couple drinks and next thing I know, Grilka’s body guard challenges me to a fight to the death. Commander Worf!!! What should I do???”

“Well, It sounds like you dug yourself real deep there Quark.” Jadzia interrupted.

“Will you be quiet!” Quark scolded, “ The man’s trying to think.”

Jadzia rolled her eyes at the Ferengi. How could her perfect plan for the morning be so easily ruined by this stupid Ferengi? All she wanted was a little peace and quiet time with Worf and next thing she knows, it’s all gone.

“ You have no other choice but to accept the challenge.”

There was an uncomfortable silence and then after a minute or two, Quark broke it, “What if I just did the last time a Klingon wanted to kill me? I throw my sword away kneel down in front of him and dare him to execute me. There... He’ll be humiliated and slink away like a scalded targ.”

Jadzia looked at Worf, they both knew that plan was not going to work at all. Worf delivered the bad news. “ The only reason that worked was because Gowron stepped in and restrained your opponent before he was able to kill you. No one will stop To’pak. Dax and I aren’t even able to attend.”

“ So, my choices are to not show up, be branded a coward and lose Grilka... Or die?”

“Yes.” Worf stated bluntly. Sometimes Jadzia liked that quality in him. Who knows. It may drive Quark away.

“ Oh come on now! There must be another way out of this.” Worf shook his head letting the Ferengi know his fate. “ You people have rituals for everything except waste extraction. You must have a ceremony or a secret handshake, or something I can do.” Once again Worf shook his head to deny Quark any answers.

Jadzia thought to herself for a second. Maybe there was a way she could quickly get Quark and Grilka out of the way. “ I have an idea!” Jadzia turned to the two men with a sly smile on her face.

“Well, it’s about time you spoke up. See Worf, even a Trill can get me out of this mess.”

“ Follow me.” Jadzia sat up and started to exit the Mess hall.

Worf ran up to Dax’s side and inquired, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see Mr. Worf.” Worf looked at her. He knew there was something going on in that brain of hers. Leave it to Jadzia to get Quark out of their way.

A few minutes later, the three ended up at Jadzia’s quarters. She had them wait as she went into her bedroom to retrieve the devise she was looking for.

“ And exactly what is that??” Quark asked.

“It’s something I’ve been tinkering with the past couple months. It’s about time I had a chance to give it a test drive.”

Worf went up to her and took the devise out of her hands. It was an ingenuous contraption that consisted of what looked like two head pieces. “ What does it do?”

“You’ll see,” Jadzia answered cryptically as she continued to attach the devises to the back of Worf and Quark’s heads. She went to the replicator and ordered two tall glasses of water and handed them to the two men. “ Just a moment, let me turn you guys on.” Dax proceeded to turn on the devises and then she took a couple of steps back. “Okay now Worf, take a long drink from that glass of water I just gave you.” Jadzia waited to see what would happen. If the devises really worked, she was about to have a big smile on her face.

Worf complied and took a long gulp from the glass that had been handed to him. Right next to him, Quarks body did the same action at the same time except Quark wasn’t ready to swallow that water and it all came down on the front of his shirt.

“Perfect!” Jadzia laughed. Her devise actually worked.

“What are you trying to do to me?” Quark yelled.

Worf put two and two together, “ The devise Commander Dax has attached to our necks has connected the neural impulses of our bodies. One is the command module and one is the receiving module.”

“Let me guess,” Quark continued, “ I was wearing the receiving module.”

“Thank you for the accurate explanation Mr. Worf.” Jadzia looked at him amused at the satisfied look on his face. He must have enjoyed it as much as she did.

“ So, how is this little devise going to help my little predicament?”

Jadzia spoke as she took the devises off of her friends, “You’ll see Quark. I have to report to OPS right now. Both you should meet me in the holosuite tonight at 1700, we have some work to do.”

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