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Only in my dreams

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Worf watched as Jadzia stepped down from the Captain’s office. She looked a lot better than she did when he saw her earlier in the replimat. He was happy that she at least LOOKED like she was feeling better.

Worf made a promise to himself to talk to her before the day was over. He felt that it was his obligation to set things right again.


At the end of the day, Jadzia headed for the Defiant. She was going to talk to Worf now and she wasn’t going to let anything stop her. She entered the Defiant and continued to Worf’s quarters letting her rehearsed speech run through her head a couple thousand times. “I can do this, I can do this...”

She got to Worf’s quarters and pressed the door bell. A few seconds passed and no one answered so she rang it again.

“Computer, please locate Lieutenant Commander Worf.”

“Lieutenant Commander Worf is in his quarters.”

Jadzia banged on the door, “ Worf, it’s Dax, let me in.” Nothing happened and Jadzia became genuinely worried. “ Computer, override door-lock system authorization Dax Omega15.”

The doors flew open revealing Worf’s empty quarters. Jadzia stepped in to take a closer look and found Worf’s communicator lying on the dresser. “Great, now Worf’s REALLY trying to avoid me.” It didn’t really matter to Dax, she was going to talk to him anyway. Jadzia stepped out of his quarters and went back to the airlock where she found a crewman working.

“Excuse me, could you please tell me if you know where Commander Worf is?”

“Sir, I’m not exactly sure where but I think he was headed to the promenade.”

“The promenade,” Dax said to herself, “ Thank you crewman.” And Jadzia headed for the turbolift.


Worf strode through the Promenade looking every which way for Dax. She was absolutely nowhere to be seen. But, Worf was not going to give up. He HAD to talk to her before the day was over. He just had to. He wasn’t going to let any minor set backs get in his way.

Worf made his way to the replimat and peered inside. She wasn’t there. He proceeded to Garak’s shop, the Bajoran temple, and the security office. She wasn’t anywhere. So, Worf decided to make his way to Quark’s.


Jadzia stepped out of the turbolift and took a quick surveillance. “ Nope, no Klingon in a Starfleet uniform,” She thought to herself humorously. Jadzia proceeded to stroll around the promenade peering into doorways and glancing at people. Worf was no where to be seen. So, Jadzia continued to Quark’s. She realized that the only reason that he would be there was for a holosuite reservation but she might as well check anyway.


Worf stepped into the door at Quark’s and proceeded to the bar where Quark was pouring a couple of drinks.

“Quark, has Commander Dax been in here?”

“If you don’t mind Commander, I’m extremely busy at the moment. Perhaps another time.”

“Quark, allow me to reiterate, have you seen Dax in here,” Worf’s blood was beginning to boil.

Quark continued to pour drinks, ignoring the questioning Klingon.

“ Ferengi,” Worf grabbed Quark by the collar and pulled him up to his face, spilling all of the drinks in the process, “ If you do not answer my question, I may do something that I may soon learn to regret.”

“ No... um... No Commander,” Quark answered cowardly, “ I haven’t seen Commander Dax in here.”

Worf dropped Quark onto the floor and uttered a few words of Klingon profanity before continuing to look around the bar.


Jadzia went into Quark’s and looked at the bar where Quark looked like he was recovering from some unimaginable encounter.

“What happened Quark?”

“Oh, just a run in with an angry Klingon,”

“That angry Klingon wouldn’t happen to be Worf would it?”

“As a matter of fact it was. And if he doesn’t care to be at least civil I...”

Jadzia cut him off. “Where’d he go?”

“How should I know?” Quark lied.

Jadzia held Quark up by the collar just as Worf had only minutes ago. “ Listen Quark, if you don’t tell me where Worf went, I promise you, I will do worse to you than Worf did.”

“ Uh... Um... He went that way.” Quark pointed timidly.

Jadzia then dropped Quark on the floor and headed in that direction.

“OK, that’s it. That’s definitely the last time I speak to my customers.”


Worf reached the end of the bar, frustrated that Jadzia was no where to be found. He found a seat in the corner and viciously sat down on it trying to vent his frustrations.


Jadzia pushed through the hordes of people that were now gathered at Quark’s. Then, through a brief break in the crowd she saw Worf sit at a corner table, away from everyone. She pushed her way through and ran up to his table.



Worf heard his name called out by a familiar voice. He looked up, knowing exactly who it was he was about to see. Just the sight of Jadzia made his mood lighten. Worf could have sworn that if he was human, he would have had a huge smile on his face.

“Jadzia, we need to talk.”


Jadzia continued to walk in Worf’s direction and took a seat at his table. She was so happy that she had found him.

“ I would say so,” she answered.

“Jadzia, I wish to apologize for the way I have been acting the past couple of days.”

“No Worf, it should be me who’s apologizing. I’m sorry for what happened.”

There was a long pause before Jadzia spoke again, “ Worf, are things ever going to be the same between us?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just that, I don’t know... Especially after what happened in the holosuite.”

“ I see your point. But, I believe that we are strong enough to not allow that situation to alter our relationship.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”

The was another long pause, but this one felt more like an exchange of thoughts without words. Both officers knew how they felt about each other and they could see it in each other’s eyes.

“So, are we back to how we were?” Jadzia broke the silence with a question that had an obvious answer. She knew that they would never be back to how they once were. She could see something different in him, something that they were both restraining, repressing.

“Why do you ask?” Worf answered avoiding the obvious answer. He knew how he felt about her and the way she felt about him. There would be no turning back now. Nothing would ever be the same, nothing.

“ Because... I don’t FEEL like we’re back to how we were before this all happened. Worf, something happened between us that changed us forever.”

“ Why do you say forever? Jadzia, it was a minor incident. Try not to make it any bigger than it really was. Look at us, we are still friends, are we not?”

“Yes, I know that Worf. But, how can I just turn back the clocks, forget about what has happened. How can I know that we’re still the same. We may still be friends but now I know there’s something between us, something that could potentially change us for the rest of our lives.”

“Jadzia,” Worf took Jadzia’s hands in his, realizing how “right” it felt, “ Listen to me. We can either dwell on the situation and make matters worse. Or, we can accept the fact that it happened and move on with our lives.”

“Personally, I’d like to move on with my life.”

“As would I.”

“OK then. Worf, will you join me for a cup of raktajino tomorrow morning.”

“Of course.”

“Good, then it’s a date!” Jadzia started to get up but sat back down, “ By the way, why did you take your communicator off?”

“ I wished to be able to talk to you without any interruptions.”

“Thanks,” Jadzia then realized that he was looking for her as well. She flashed a smile to Worf as she rose, making sure her smile let Worf know how much she appreciated the sentiment.


Worf watched as Jadzia rose and disappeared into the crowd. During their conversation, he was trying to be strong. He could see how lost Jadzia was and he didn’t want his own confusion to make hers worse. The truth is, he knew how much that encounter could have changed both of their lives. He knew that it was something he could not easily forget. But, he did speak one truth, he DID want to move on with his life, move on to a life with Jadzia that has yet to be determined.


- Jadzia opened her eyes and lifted her head off of his shoulder. They had been sitting on the couch in her quarters, relaxing after a hard days work. She turned to look into his eyes, Worf’s piercing, soulful eyes. Closer and closer they went until their lips joined for a tender kiss. Jadzia never felt more sure about anything... She loved him”-


- Worf turned and gazed at her face. She was peacefully resting in the crook of his arm. Having Jadzia there made his day brighten up. They were sitting there, with her in his arms. He felt Jadzia move and turn to catch his blissful gaze. Her crystal blue eyes were full of love and passion. Nothing would ever feel as right as this. Slowly, their lips moved together until they united in a tender kiss.-

“The time is 0700 hours.” The computer’s voice woke Worf up from his peaceful repose.

Worf slowly rose from the bed and proceeded to prepare for the day. In his mind, he remembered the dream; the way how he felt so complete with her next to him. Then, an idea crossed him. What if he met Jadzia in her quarters this morning? Would that be too obvious? Worf wrestled with the idea for a couple of minutes and then decided that he was going to do it.


Jadzia’s eyes opened. She thought she heard something. There it was again... It was the blasted door chime. Who could be here this early?

“ Computer, time”

“ The time is 0725 hours.”

“ Oh God, overslept again!” Jadzia said to herself. “ I’ll be there in a second.” Jadzia yelled towards the door as she dragged herself from out of the cozy covers, pretty sure that the person outside didn’t hear her. Jadzia tossed her robe on and then proceeded to the door. Much to her surprise, the person on the other side was Worf. “ Worf, what are you doing here this early?”

“ Early? Jadzia, it is nearly 0730 hours”

“ Yeah, I know that.” Jadzia played a little annoyed although she really quite enjoyed his little visit.

“ We’re supposed to meet each other in the replimat in a couple of minutes.”

“ You still haven’t answered my question. What are you doing here so early?”

“ I request to have the honor of escorting you to the replimat.”

Jadzia practically melted right there in front of his feet. She never thought Worf could be this sweet. “ Of course. Oh, silly me, I didn’t even invite you in. We’ve just been standing here at the door. Please, come in and sit while I change.”


Worf accepted her invitation and stepped into Jadzia’s quarters. As she turned to go into her bedroom, Worf couldn’t help but keep his eyes on her. He had never seen her out of Starfleet uniform or battle garb. And, Worf was liking what he was seeing. But, Worf reminded himself, they were still JUST friends.

After a few minutes, Jadzia stepped out of her bedroom clad in complete Starfleet dress code. But still, Worf could see the vision that was standing in front of him only minutes ago.

“ You ready?” Jadzia’s voice interrupted his reverie.

“ Yes, I am. Shall we depart?”

“Yes, we shall.”


Jadzia followed Worf into the turbolift. They had been walking down the corridor in an uncomfortable silence and she felt the need to break it.

“ Worf...” Jadzia was searching for words to say, “ Um... What was the name of the opera singer you were singing to a couple of days ago?”

“ What opera?”

“ Promenade,” Jadzia ordered then turbolift, then to Worf, “ You know, the one you were singing when Quark walked in on you in the holosuite the other day.”

“ I am going to kill that parasite.”

“ Relax Worf, let’s just say I heard the news floating around the station.” Worf remained silent, “ So, who was the artist?”

The turbolift opened and Worf stepped out into the promenade into the promenade followed by Jadzia. “ barak’Kadan”

“ Oh, him.”

“ Why? What is wrong with his work?”

“ Nothing, It’s just, I have never heard such a conventional singer. He has practically no artistic expression.”

“ I beg to differ.” Worf rebutted as they entered the replimat. He went to their usual table as Jadzia got the raktajino and prune juice.

“ Okay, give me one good reason why he is such a great singer.” Jadzia answered as she collected the drinks from the replicator and sat at the table.

“ It is the power of his voice, the strength of his intonation that make barak’Kadan such a great singer. There are none like him.”

“ None as boring anyway.” Jadzia so enjoyed instigating her Klingon friend. She couldn’t wait to see how he was going to defend his argument. To her, it just made him more attractive. “He never varies his performance, not even by a half tone.”

“ I prefer traditional opera performed in a traditional manner.”

“ You know, for a Klingon who was raised by humans, wears a Starfleet uniform, and drinks prune juice, you’re pretty attached to tradition,” Hopefully Worf got the hint, but just in case Jadzia added, “ But that’s okay. I like a man riddled with contradictions.” Jadzia took a sip of her raktajino, satisfied that she had gotten this Klingon’s attention. Jadzia’s mind was focused solely on Worf. Little did he know that it was his little perks were what turned Jadzia on. Jadzia watched as Worf eyes slowly drifted from hers to a point just over her shoulder. What now? Jadzia turned her head in that direction to see what had gotten Worf’s attention. “ That’s a welcome site. The peace talks must be going well if the Klingons are back on the station.” Worf’s attention kept drifting in that direction. Jadzia became frustrated, she had just captivated his attention. she had to get it back, “Worf?”

Jadzia watched as Worf slowly rose from his chair, his eyes fixated on one of the Klingons.

“ Did you see her?” Worf inquired.

“ Great, just when I was making progress.” Jadzia thought to herself, then to Worf, “ The Klingon woman?”

“ She was glorious.”

Jadzia’s eyes followed Worf as he catatonically walked in that Klingon’s direction. Just when she thought she could actually forge a relationship with Worf, another woman had to get in the way.


Worf watched and followed as the mysterious Klingon woman made her way through the Promenade. Such beauty and grace have never touched his eyes before. He must know who this woman was. She continued on her way, pushing through the crowds of people. Worf’s eyes followed as she entered a familiar establishment... QUARK’S. Worf grumbled to himself and stopped at a clearing where he could observe. She was looking for something... or someone.

Worf felt a familiar presence over his shoulder. What now? Out of the corner of his eye he saw Jadzia blatantly looking over his shoulder. “ Her? She’s okay.”

Worf gave her a stern look in the eye. How could Jadzia not see the glory of this female? “ I have never seen such a woman. Who is she? What house is she from? I do not recognize her family crest.”


Jadzia followed as Worf switched windows to get a more adequate view. She saw his anger rise as the Klingon embraced Quark.


“She is a friend of the Ferengi...” Worf grumbled. First he couldn’t have Jadzia, now this woman. What next??? The defiant self-destructs?


Now, this amused Jadzia. Not only would she enjoy Worf’s Quark-bashing, but it would make her job a lot easier. With that woman out of the way, she was certain to get Worf.

“Now I remember who she is,” Jadzia replied, “ Her name is Grilka. And she’s not just Quark’s friend, she’s his ex-wife.” Jadzia carefully observed as the anger in her Klingon friend slowly went past critical. She could see that an eruption was imminent so she decided to get out of there as fast as she could. “ Listen Worf, I think it’s about time I report for duty at OPS. I’ll see you later.” Jadzia then began to quickly walk in the direction of the turbolift.

“Wait. I will go with you.” muttered a frustrated Worf.

Jadzia almost did a double take when she heard Worf’s voice. It was not like him to give up so quickly. “ Whatever you want to do.”

The pair walked to the turbolift in an awkward silence. Jadzia didn’t know what to say in fear that she would strike a nerve and she knew better than anyone that an angry Klingon is not a pretty sight. The doors opened and much to her surprise, they were going to be the only two in it so she used this opportunity to break the silence. “ You okay? I mean. Usually you’re quiet, but never this quiet. I haven’t even heard a grumble out of you for the past few minutes.”

“ You attempt to alleviate the tension by making a joke.”

“Well, there’s no need to snap about it.” Jadzia sighed and said to herself, “ Geez, no wonder you don’t have many friends.”

“ What did you say?”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing.”

“ Do not lie. I know I heard you say something.”

“ Fine. I did say something. Now can we just drop this?”

“ I do not see why not.”

Jadzia looked at Worf, his face full of frustration. She couldn’t stand to see her friend in such pain. Worst of all, he wasn’t even talking. Damn that Klingon sense of hearing. It really got her into a lot of trouble sometimes. After a long silence, Jadzia finally decided to speak up,

“ Worf, is there anything you want to talk about?”

“ What is there to converse about?”

“ Well, we can start with Quark’s ex-wife.”

“Grilka...” Worf grunted.

“ Ah, I’m glad that name rings a bell. So, would you like to hear the story or not?”

“I see no point in answering as you will speak whether I give you permission or not.”

“ Mr. Worf, it seems you know me more than you like to let on.” Jadzia took in a deep breath, trying to remember how it all began.

“Well?” The inquiring Klingon was growing impatient. Jadzia was rather enjoying this, it made him look cute.

“Give me a minute. I want to get it right.” Jadzia took a few more seconds to gather her thoughts and spent another few staring at Worf, watching his patience dissipate. “ Well, it all started when Grilka’s husband was having a late night drink at Quark’s. Quark, being his usual Ferengi self, started to annoy him. One thing led to another and a fight broke out.”

The turbolift doors opened revealing OPS. Worf stepped out, leading the way to his console.

“And even though it was an accident,” Jadzia continued, “Quark took credit for killing Grilka’s husband.”


Jadzia had captivated Worf’s attention. Satisfied with herself, she took the opportunity to keep it. “ As a way of boosting business at the bar. And it worked! But then Grilka kidnapped Quark and took him back to the Klingon homeworld and married him.”

“ Why?”

“ Well this Klingon’s as inquisitive as a two year old child,” Jadzia thought to herself. She replied to Worf’s question slightly annoyed, maybe this would push his buttons. “ I’m getting to that.” Jadzia gave him a look, “ As a woman, Grilka was forbidden to lead her house. By marrying Quark, she could retain control from him. Eventually, she convinced the council to give her control and she divorced Quark on the spot. As far as I know, that’s the last time they saw each other.”

“A marriage of convenience.”

“ Certainly for Grilka, but I’m not sure how convenient it was for Quark.”

“His opinion is of no consequence. He is unworthy of such a prize as she.”

Jadzia watched as Worf’s eyes wandered off. “Worf, it sounds like you have a bad case of par’Mach,” she taunted. She watched as the warrior quickly snapped back into attention.

Jadzia had little time to revel in her victory when Sisko interjected, “ Is that contagious?”

Jadzia turned to see a familiar face smiling, a baseball headed her way. She smiled as she answered, “A par’Mach is the Klingon word for love, but with more aggressive overtones.”

“Love??? Worf???” Sisko was positively baffled.

They turned to Worf who was now busily working at his console, probably trying to avoid the conversation.

“Stranger things have happened,” Jadzia turned and gave Sisko his ball back.

“ Especially around here.”

She nodded to her best friend as he continued on his way. She turned to Worf. If only Sisko knew what she was talking about. Ben had thought everything had blown over after the past 26 hours. He thought she and Worf had resolved our “differences”. Boy was he wrong. Jadzia hated to admit it but she was falling more and more in love with him. She took in a deep breath, beginning an especially long day in OPS.


Worf spent the better part of his morning in OPS inundated with thoughts about Grilka and the situation that he found himself in. How could such a beauty ever exist? Worst of all, how could that wonder ever have anything to do with that Ferengi low-life Quark? There had to be a way for Worf to convince that woman that he was her rightful par’Machi. There just had to be a way.


Jadzia kept silently watching the chronometer in OPS. She had to invite Worf to dinner, to talk things over. Just maybe she could convince him that she was the person for him. Just maybe.

Worf was trying to look busy at his station when he felt a familiar presence hovering over his shoulder. He turned to discover Jadzia silently watching him do absolutely nothing.

“ You know, if you stare at it longer, the computer just may do the work for you,” Jadzia smiled.

“ I fail to see the purpose of making such nonsensical statements.” Worf tried to hide the fact that he had been distracted all morning. He could not let Jadzia know how much this woman has affected him.

“It’s a joke Worf. You know, something that makes people laugh. But I suppose such serious Klingons as yourself could never find it in themselves to succumb to laughter.”

“ What is it you want?”

“Well, I was wondering if you could perhaps join me for dinner.”

Worf softened slightly at his friend’s gesture. He still did care a lot about her, perhaps more than about Grilka... “ I do not suppose why not.”

“ Great! Then, I’ll meet you at around 1700.”

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