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Terry Farrell
"Jadzia Dax" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
October 30, 1998

Marc Wade:
Welcome to STAR TREK: CONTINUUM. We are very pleased to bring you 
tonight's exclusive chat with Terry Farrell. Terry played "Jadzia Dax" 
on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." Terry is also co-starring in the new
 CBS series "Becker" with Ted Danson. "Becker" premieres on CBS next 
week - Monday, November 2 at 9:30 PM (ET/PT)! We are coming to you 
LIVE from the offices of Paramount Digital Entertainment at Paramount
 Studios in Hollywood. Questions for our guest have been sent to us 
by our chat viewers. If you'd like to send a question, please point 
your Web browser to Your host for 
tonight's chat is Guy Vardaman, Senior Producer for STAR TREK: CONTINUUM. 
Jackie Edwards is typing for Terry Farrell. 

Terry, on behalf of STAR TREK: CONTINUUM, I'd like to welcome you to 
our chat tonight. 

Terry Farrell:
Thank you very much. I'm very happy to be here. And welcome to the 
chat, everybody out there. And if I don't get to answer all of your 
questions, I want to apologize now but Jackie's typing as fast as she
 can and I'm talking as slow as I can. 

Soban asks:
You were my favorite character on DS9. What made you decide to leave 
the show? Do you regret it in any way? What do you think of Ezri's 

Terry Farrell:
Well first off, I haven't seen the show since the beginning of the 
season. I don't know the Ezri character. It was a very difficult 
decision to leave the show but my contract of 6 years was up and I 
felt in my heart that I was ready to move on for creative reasons. I 
went through many struggles over the decision but I knew something 
different, more challenging was out there for me. And so I hope you 
understand that it was a career decision for me and I will always 
love the character of Dax and treasure the time I spent with her. 
And now, I have Reggie, so I'll never know if I would have missed the
 7th season, because I'm very happy hanging with Ted Danson. 

Marc Wade:
Do you still keep contact with your actor-colleagues of DS9? 

Terry Farrell:
Yeah, I have talked to Colm and Micahel Dorn, hung out with Armin and
 his wife... and seen the crew a couple of times. So I don't miss my 
friends, 'cause I know I'll see my friends. 

Marc Wade:
Do you have a boyfriend? Do you still attend Star Trek functions? 

Terry Farrell:
No boyfriend. We're shopping. Haven't been invited to any ST conventions. 

Guy Vardaman:
Send in your head shots or invitations now!! 

Mark Paddock asks:
Terry, you did a fine job developing Dax's character over the first 
few seasons. But towards the end, it seemed as if she was lost in the 
shuffle by the writers. Do you agree? 

Terry Farrell:
I think it's difficult with 9 regulars in the cast and numerous re-occuring
 guest cast to keep track of the storyline of each of your characters.
 So yes, I think Dax was lost in the last 2 seasons. And that's one of
 the reasons I decided it was a good idea to leave, because there wasn't
 much for me to do. And I like to work. So now I'm at work everyday. 
Thank you for your question. 

Paul Buhler III asks:
I used to have a girlfriend that looked just like you Terry!!! You remind 
me of her in many ways!!! You both are so beautiful and intelligent!!! 
I think your wonderful!!! I've always wanted to say hi to you and to 
let you know what I think about you!!! 

Terry Farrell:
Thank you. 

Rino asks:
What is your favorite Star Trek Movie ? 

Terry Farrell:
"Star Trek: First Contact." I thought Data was sexy. 

Clu of LSSU asks:
Terry, In addition to your present job on "Becker," are there any other 
projects you plan to participate in? 

Terry Farrell:
I'm actively looking for projects to do on my hiatus from "Becker". 

#1 fan asks:
Is the old Dax going to be on any up coming episodes as a ghost or something? 
That would really freak out Worf! 

Terry Farrell:
You know what, I would love to come back either in an alternate universe... 
maybe as a hologram... All they have to do is invite me. 

#1 fan asks:
I have a job dilemmia. Should I go to college to be a vet or an actress? 

Terry Farrell:
Whatever's in your heart. You can only make your own decisions. 

Aleda asks:
Is Michael Dorn a good kisser? Enquiring minds want to know. 

Terry Farrell:
I'm sure he's a better kisser without his 'Worf' teeth in. 

Ryan R asks:
How many other people tried out for the part of Dax? 

Terry Farrell:
I don't know, but I know they auditioned for three months before I came 
in and auditioned several women. 

Yeah for Starfleet! asks:
On the new show, Becker, Does any other stars on the show recognize you 
as Jadzia Dax From Deep Space Nine? 

Terry Farrell:
Yes, in fact, we've had to get extra security because of DS9. 

same guy, same town, same... asks:
will u marry me??? pleez???age(15) shouldnt matter when real love exists! 

Terry Farrell:
I'm flattered. But I'm old enough to be your mother. Personally, I think 
that's disgusting... no offense. Fifteen is a beautiful age. Just not the 
right age for me. 

Andy Royall asks:
Is it true that you appeared in an American pilot episode of Red Dwarf? 

Terry Farrell:
Yes, that's true. 

mike asks:
Dear Terry, I have been a fan of yours for many years, and one there is
 one question I would like to ask you. What does it take to be an actor 
and get to perform on Startrek Deep Space Nine? 

Terry Farrell:
You know, you'd have to ask Rick Berman. He hired me. Because I would 
have thought a photographic memory would have been a prerequisite for
 the techno-babble. 

kevin asks:
Terry, How tall are you? 

Terry Farrell:
5'11" and three quarters in my bare feet. Of course I don't walk around 
in my bare feet so I'm usually about 6' and a half. 

#1 fan asks:
I'm watching a tape I made of the episode where Dax and Worf get married,
and I just wanted to say you look really pretty in that dress you wore 
to the wedding. 

Terry Farrell:
Thanks. The boots made me walk like a sailor walking down the aisle. I 
felt ridiculous. My close-up was shot last and I was tired as a dog. 
So it's really nice to hear that you thought I looked nice. 

Cheile asks:
what was your favorite Worf/Dax episode? 

Terry Farrell:
I think it was called "Change of Heart" where he saved my life. I wish 
they would have saved that for the show where I died. Because that way 
it would have been a more completed ending with Worf. 

Greg asks:
What will you miss the most about DSN? 

Terry Farrell:
Overtime. LOL! Just kidding! I think working with my friends seeing Michael 
Westmore first thing in the morning and complaining about Paramount's food. 

neil (uk) asks:
hi,love the show. any films in the pipeline? 

Terry Farrell:
Not yet, we're workin' on it. 

Roy Marmelstein asks:
Where and when did you born? 

Terry Farrell:
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A while ago. 

petlover asks:
do you have any pets? 

Terry Farrell:
Yes. Ramona. My Akita mix. And Billy, a pit bull mix. And they are both 

Lynn asks:
Hi Terry -- Jadzia and Worf interacted so well together. I was sorry 
to hear that you would not finish the series this year. I wanted to 
see how that Trill/Klingon baby would look. 

Terry Farrell:
Me too. Maybe it could be a show where Worf dreams about it. 

Quark asks:
What was wrong with Paramount's food? 

Terry Farrell:
Well, sometimes it just delivered too late. It's cold if it's supposed 
to be hot. Hot if it's supposed to be cold. Actually, it's not that bad 
because God willing I'll be eating it for the next six years. 

Gary & Amanda asks:
Did the cast of DS9 have a going away party for you????? 

Terry Farrell:
Actually I had a going away party for them. I had a lunch where I said
 goodbye to everyone and thanked them. For touching my life and helping 
me grow through years that sometimes seemed very difficult. But it was a
 great way to grow and a great group of people to do it with. 

Rino asks:
What are the guest stars on DS9 that you particularly enjoyed working
 with ? 

Terry Farrell:
Yeah, Andy Robinson, wonderful actor. I never really got to work with 
him that much but he's very talented. 

Jennifer asks:
How did you like doing "Trials and Tribble-ations"? Did you like how it 
turned out? That is one of my favs. 

Terry Farrell:
I loved doing "Trials and Tribble-ations" Actually it was one of my all-time 
favorites. And I felt honored to be a part of a show that was a historical 
event. Not just for Star Trek, but for television. And I thought it was a 
great, great show. 

Ensign Tim asks:
Do you feel that Jadzia's death was a good one, or a not good one like 
Tasha Yar's in ST:TNG? 

Terry Farrell:
I don't know from Tasha Yar. Like I said, I think they should have used 
"Change of Heart" because the producers knew at that time that I didn't 
want to come back. They just didn't believe me. So that's how I feel about it. 

Greg nacu asks:
How did You get into acting? 

Terry Farrell:
I moved to NY when I was seventeen. I started modeling and my agent helped 
me get into acting classes at the same time. 

Biohamhock asks:
Do you still watch the ds9? 

Terry Farrell:
They changed the time on DS9 to sometime on Saturday nights and at 4:00 in 
the morning! Sorry! I'm not staying up until 4:00 AM to watch DS9! What happened 
to Thursday night at 9:00? I liked that time slot! Write in and complain! 

Chan asks:
I can't imagine you playing Cat on Red Dwarf. What was it like? Is your character 
on `Becker' anything like Dax? 

Terry Farrell:
Cat was an evil side of me that you haven't really seen yet and maybe 
someday in a movie, you will. I'm sure she'll come out to play again sometime. 
Dax is nothing like Reggie. Reggie went to Columbia University but apparently 
she didn't finish. I mean, I think she didn't even finish a semester. 
And she feels like she's a victim of her environment because of lack of 
money and because she doesn't know who she is or what she wants to do
 with her life right now. She's inherited a coffee shop because of her
 father's death so she's got some stuff to work out. She's obviously
 not as strong and centered as Dax. Oh yeah, and no symbiont. 

Wanderer asks:
PERSONAL QUESTION: Do you find that your fame has acted as a bridge, 
linking you to millions of fans who are, for all intents and purposes,
 total strangers, or has it been more of a barrier, forcing you to 
erect a friendly, but impenetrable facade? 

Terry Farrell:
I would have to say the latter with the exception of impenetrable, 
because it's not a facade you put forth but I think it's a respect 
for the fans that even if you're having a bad day they're excited to
share with you how they feel about the show and in a way, that's the 
only applause you get. So, I appreciate the applause I get when people
 say hello to me but it's not safe to be completely open to people 
you don't know, so a stranger who introduces themselves as a fan, is 
a compliment. But it takes more to become friends and to penetrate 
the facade that I think we all have as human beings. 

Wanderer asks:
I'm certain you receive a virtual flood of fan mail each week. Do these
 letters get mixed in with your bills and personal correspondence, or
 do you maintain a separate mailing address for this purpose? Where 
should fans send letters? 

Terry Farrell:
No, they don't get mixed in with my bills. My bills have a separate 
address. My fan mail gets sent here to Paramount c/o Becker, 5555 
Melrose, Los Angeles, CA 90038 

Jim asks:
Terry , Just want to thank you for the entertainment you provided so 
many of us. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
 Do you have a web site where we can keep tabs on what you have/are 
working on ? 

Terry Farrell:
I don't have a personal site but you can check in with STAR TREK: CONTINUUM 
and God willing, I'll do enough publicity for my projects that you'll
 know what I'm doing. I hope you like Becker because if that does 
well, you'll be sick of my face. Well, hopefully not. 

Brain1976 asks:
Have you ever been to the StarFleet Lounge to Academy lounge? 

Terry Farrell:
No, I feel a little uncomfortable because I'd have answers and I'd 
have to explain I was Dax and then I think of my e-mail... ugh! Would
 be more than I could handle. I can barely handle my family and the 
junk mail. 

Greg Nacu asks:
What do you really drink when you order a raktajino? 

Terry Farrell:
Coffee with milk. On Becker I drink carrot juice. You see on Becker, 
I got to have the imput with the writers to make Reggie interested in 
health food and holistic medicine. So, hence, no coffee... carrot 

Steven Strell asks:
That episode of Quantum Leap you did was one of my favorites. What 
was it like working on that show? 

Terry Farrell:
It was great kissing Scott Bakula. It was great kissing Scott Bakula.
 It was great kissing Scott Bakula. 

J. Daily (Canada) asks:
What did you think of the Starfleet uniforms? They looked good on you,
 but at the same time rather uncomfortable :) 

Terry Farrell:
Yeah, but you know what the good thing is it's easy to watch your weight
 because you see it on you in the uniform. So right now, got an extra
 five? It's killin' me. 'Cause I know if I was wearing Dax's uniform 
I'd be minus five. 

Will asks:
Hi Terry from the U.K, rumours are rife that Avery Brooks is leaving 
DS9...can you elaborate... Now you have left how you feel the series 
should progress. 

Terry Farrell:
Well as far as I know, there's only one season left and he's leaving 
at the end of that season. I think I should come back for the finale.
 Otherwise, I don't know. 

Sven asks:
Were you a Star Trek fan before you came on the show? 

Terry Farrell:
When I was a kid, I watched the Original Series. And played Star 
Trek on the playground of my elementary school. The shortest kid in 
school, Grant, was Capt. Kirk. I was the tallest girl in school. I 
was always the alien from another planet. 

Wondering Mind asks:
Do you have a faith in anything...religion??? 

Terry Farrell:
I have faith in God and the Universe. 

Jeff asks:
What is the hardest part of dealing with your notoriety? 

Terry Farrell:
I don't have that problem, I don't quite understand, but all the fans 
have been very polite to me. And I don't feel intruded upon, obviously 
when I got to an event I expect the attention and I know it's coming 
but I don't think I'm not mobbed by people. 

Bio asks:
What kind of hours do they make you work? 

Terry Farrell:
Well, on the table read on Wednesday, I get to the studio at the 
crack of 10:00 am. LOL! And then I got home around... 3:30 or 4:00... 
Thursday, 9:30 - 4:30, Friday the same.... Monday's 8:00 to 8:00 and 
Tuesday, show day, is noon to midnight. So the hours aren't bad, but 
sleeping on a regular schedule is difficult. But Ted warned me that 
the focus it takes to do a half hour is really exhausting. And I didn't 
believe him. And trust me, he was right. 

Barry Tuxworth asks:
Do you thinks things might have been different for you character 
(Jadzia Dax) if her and Julian ever went some where. 

Terry Farrell:
Sure, why not? I still think he was too young for her but I think she
 should have at least done him once. Just to see what the ride was 

Hanna Kenvil asks:
Terry, how long is your contract with Becker for? 

Terry Farrell:
Because we were picked up for mid-season, it's now technically a six 
and a half year contract. But the cool thing is, if the show does well
, and we get picked up for more episodes this season we'll technically
 have a seven year contract. And rumor is, Ted doesn't want to do 
another show after this so please watch because he's really a nice 
man and I like working with him. 

MelvynC asks:
Terry, when you look back on your time on DS9, what are your favourite

Terry Farrell:
The action sequences. Getting to work with LeVar Burton, a very centered, 
spiritual man... he always touched me. 

Guy Vardaman:
(As a director) 

Terry Farrell:
Getting to pretend that I used to be a man and that I'm more intelligent 
than I am. That I could do three or four tasks at one time without any 
mental strain. That I understood Quantum physics. And that I could 
fly a ship... a space ship. One of the Federations' coolest, rockin'est 
, well... I flew better than anyone. And everyone knows that. Those are 
some pretty good things about Star Trek. I could come up with some more,
 but we're on to more questions. 

MelvynC asks:
Terry, what's the biggest difference between working on DS9 and on Becker? 

Terry Farrell:
Work feels like a comedy on Becker. And DS9, as much as we would laugh, 
it was pretty serious business. It's nice to have work be fun, a lot of 
the time, rather than stolen moments. 

Eric F asks:
What are your hopes for the new sitcom you are working on? 

Terry Farrell:
I hope that it's as big as Cheers for Ted, cause hey man, I'm ridin' 
on his coattails. My mamma didn't raise no dummies. 

Gul Telmak asks:
When Gul Dukat killed Dax, how did he get on the station? I mean, there 
was no alarm and it's kinda disturbing that the Dominion can just beam 
people on DS9 at will. 

Terry Farrell:
I think it was because he was possessed by the bad Pah-wraith. 

George Baxter asks:
Terry, i've been a fan of yours for a while, and i thought u really 
made Deep Space Nine more than what it was. You have a wounderfull 
acting ability. :) So here is my question, where do you see your self 
going and are you thinking about doing any movies? 

Terry Farrell:
Well, I hope that Becker is not only a little bit of my future but a 
stepping stone and with support from fans like you I have no doubt 
that I will always have a job, so thank you for your kindness. 

Matthew Knightly asks:
Will you ever be visiting Australia (particularly Brisbane) in a 
convention or even just a visit of some sort. 

Terry Farrell:
Not yet. Those conventions are hard to book becuase they're usually a
 year in advance. And I'm working on being clarvoyant. But I haven't 
quite gotten to seeing my future a year in advance yet. 

Ryan Lenz asks:
What are your current projects at the moment? 

Terry Farrell:
"Becker." On CBS this Monday, November 2nd at 9:30 pm. Who cares about
 football, right? 

Marc Wade:
Terry, thank you very much for joining us here tonight. 

Terry Farrell:
I want to thank you all for your support of my character, Dax and 
thank you for sharing with me how you care about Dax This experience 
on Star Trek was special and unique and I will treasure it always. I 
hope that I will see you in the future and I hope that you will enjoy
 the jobs I pick to do in the future. So may God bless you. Onward 
and Upward. -- Terry Farrell. 

Guy Vardaman:
Thank you very much for coming in and chatting with us tonight! We 
wish you all the best and will watch you on Becker! 

Marc Wade:
Copyright (c) 1998 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.